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Amsterdam Flame

Amsterdam Flame cannabis is a Mostly Indica plant from Holland. Paradise Seeds breeder.

Type: mostly indica,
Flowering time: 50 - 56 days,
Yield per m2: 400 - 500 grams.

This outstanding plant of excellent quality with her sparkling looks is selected for the lovers of cannabis best. Her wonderful high and soft subtle taste carries us like a summer breeze, telling tales of mysteries. A plant worthy for the cannaseur. It is not saying too much, it is hard to wait for harvest time!

Well here's my detailed report on my AMSTERDAM FLAME (Paradise). Grown in organics with mostly Guano of different strengths. One being high Phos (for flowering) the other high Nitro (for growth) and so on ... 53 day flowering period.. Small staunch indica, purple/orange hairs, and nectarine smell. Large main cola, crystallizing like an Alaskan winter. In fact crystallizing so well that you can hardly see very much leaf, only the crystals upon them. Looks like I put it in the freezer or something...

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