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Thai cannabis is a Sativa plant from Thailand. Dutch Passion Seedbank breeder.

This variety grown in Holland is a pure Sativa, selected for short size and early bloom. Large buds full of resin, with typical Thai flavor and aroma. Very strong and energetic 'up' high. Very high yields, easy to cultivate.

Specifications: ~ Flower: 10-14 weeks ~ Harvest: end of Nov. - Dutch Passion seedbank catalog

This dry, compact, seedy bud is dark brown with some dark green spots. The outdoor grown buds are thin and runny and also lightly resiny. It has a spicy, earthy scent and an earthy, brown, full taste. The high is energetic. ***1/2 - Homepage Amsterdam

If its a Thai indica, its not really a true Thai, but probably will be great anyway. The Original or true Thai is unique in many ways and is at the far opposite side of the cannabis family compared to indicas, many growers cross Thais with their wonderful high with to faster finishing Indies to get a plant with an up high that will finish under two months. Thais grow fast, tall and are similar to a willow tree in its growth pattern with its long thin floppy branches, but matures slow (indoors they need lots of light watts per sq. ft to have decent buds, 25 or 30 just wont be enough, try for at least 50 watts/sq.ft. or more, drop most of their multi fingered leaves towards the end of flowering, they don't mind higher than average grow room temperatures (under 90F/30C) and expect to wait forever to harvest, 100 days is normal under ideal conditions and that's why nobody grows pure Thai indoors although reducing the flowering stage 'lights on' period each week or day from the time you turn the lights to flower them , go from 12.5/11.5 gradually down to 10.5/13.5 over an expected 3 month flowering time will speed up the harvest date by a week or two ) and is prone to hermies, about 3 hermies , 4 males and 3 females out of ten seedlings would be normal . Their seeds are usually small, without markings or lines and readily drop to the ground when fully formed and matured (and that makes them a bastard to find!). Most Thai crosses have seeds with dark lines or other markings on them. Thais tend to have long thin leaves, b e mold resilient due to the very thin wisp y long buds, don't resin up as much as indicas, dro p most of their multi fingered leaves as it approaches harvest time and you have to be on the look out for the odd male flower which tend to appear at any time but mostly during the middle to late stages of flowering. If you discover a male flower on a "female" (they are called "Katoeys" in Thailand) pick it off, but if you see 3 then 4 then more pull the whole plant otherwise you'll have enough seeds to grow an acre next summer! dry it and try it out or if the weather permits plant it outside. The only good hermie is a dead one. Try to very lightly pollinate some branches on your young females, some say it will stop hermies developing although I do it sometimes, I'm not sure if it actually works. The growth patterns, shapes, heights and bud sizes vary greatly with Thais I have seen, I guess, due to cross breeding by commercial growers for a quicker turnover (make that the bent Cambodian army generals and Thai gangsters) over the last 25 years. Some Thais have a Xmas tree shape with 2-ft long co ntinuous buds and a main cola and others look like a willow tree with knotty dreadlocks at harvest time.

The high can vary greatly also with some Thais or Thai/hybrids going from a hard instant knockout punch to a spacey speedy high but is almost always strong. The average Thai is strong, a bit druggy and a bit spacey. If you manage to grow a few sensimilla style the high will be better than most Thai commercial, probably more on the spacey surreal side if you grow it to its full potential and pick it just right hmmm although I?ve tasted some home grown sense Thai that was very heavy and others that were almost trippy, nothing beats a good home sub-tropical grown Thai with that trippy ride, beats the hell out of those tasty 49 day Dutch weeds. - bone-tired

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