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Mullumbimby Madness

Mullumbimby Madness cannabis is a Mostly Sativa plant from Australia. breeder.

I have crossed a Mullumbimby Madness female to a almost pure indica male. The mother was growing outdoors and took 13 weeks to finish budding and was huge, to big. Lucky for high fences and no nosey neighbors. The buds were sticky long colas with a strange smell, very fruity and very fluffy. The leaves were real lady fingers and it had a extremely high calyx to leaf ratio. The father showed signs of pollen sacs after 5 days and the female of the variety finishes in 50 days. Hopefully when I grow out the seeds I can get a earlier producing type like the mother suitable 4 indoors. Maybe after a few backcrosses who knows. I have tried the mum indoors but is to uncontrollable like a octopus. The Madness gets to big 4 indoors even if you put it in straight on 12 hrs but hopefully crossed with a indica might bring it back a little.

I've heard many conflicting reports as to what actually is the parent makeup 4 the Mullumbimby. I know 4 sure that there is Thai, Colombian, Mexican, Hawaiian, New Guinean, Indian and Lebanese. In the late sixties and early seventies many a hippy and surfer traveled to those wonderful areas bringing back with them a bit o f personal stash. From what I gather after talking to a few of the older guys is that it took them quite awhile to get the finished product. They kept adding strains after guys came back and grew out their seeds. When they had a plant that was near perfect they stopped and started to let it pollinate itself over many years. It's very Sativa apart from the Lebanese but I think 4 the wait it is well worth it. - Delta9

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