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Kong cannabis is a Indica plant from British Columbia. Laughing Moon Seed Co. breeder.

Kong is the next step in plant genetics for yield. Easily capable of yielding 4 lbs per 1000 watts! This is not a misprint! Kong is not Big Bud, or a Big Bud derivative. They're has never been anything like this in the world of cannabis production. Kong will be the benchmark by which all other plants are judged. The mother plant was purchased for ,000. And now after a year of intense testing and experiments, is finally available. We have crossed the Kong super plant mother with an early and potent White Russian x Bubble Gum male. Since both of these plants are from diverse genetic gene pools you can expect very good hybrid vigor. Flowering is 63 days and potency is extremely high. It doesn't get any better. This plant will blow away the best Big Bud yield. Colas for this plant will reach sizes equal to a 2 Litre Coke bottle! This plant really packs on the weight in the last 2-3 weeks of flowering.

I've been promising you all a report on Kong when she finished. She's just finishing outdoors now. I've been sending ~S~ pictures and maybe he'll post them and give everyone a looksey. Kong shows 2 different Pheno-types from it's hybrid crossing. I call one tall and the other bush. The tall (9') leans towards it's White Russian x Bubblegum side. Long slender buds up to 16". The smell and taste are incomparable. It's the best I've ever tasted. Ok what everyones wanted to know , the potency. One word, excellent. It rates right in there with my best. I can't honestly report on the yield yet but well over a pound at my estimation.

The bush (10') , yeah I know , taller than tall , has dense , chunky buds and will be the bigger yielder. I'd say 2 LBS plus. It's not as sweet as it's sister but holds her own well. The potency is very good. They both are heavy with crystal production. I just got a first class digital camera and will show you through ~S~.

Remember I didn't get or start these seeds until June. If you're wondering should you try Kong? I give it my highest recommendation. Good work , Paul , you've got a winner! - Danbo

This is my first time growing. I used 2 1K lights, 6" pots, 8 X 4 flood table, GH nutes with Pureblend growth formula. The flood table fits 36 6" pots. However, I only grew 10 female clones. About 6 hermaphrodites and 10 males were cut down. I didn't take care of my garden very well, and that may explain the herms. The 10 Females that I grew are very fat. Extremely fat. With huge, fluffy colas. The final results are: 10 KONG Females = 35 ounces potent pot. The final weight for the ten plants after 1 week of drying and 3 weeks of curing was 33.125 oz + estimated smoking of 2 ounces during process. I've been smoking pot pretty steady for a few years, and Kong is definitely rated as "better than good" high in my books.

He said he grew them in 6" pots spread out on a 8'x4' flood table. He got SLIGHTLY more than an ounce per square foot. Which is pretty typical. So far NO ONE has come anywhere NEAR the 4lbs/lamp that's being claimed for KONG. - MrSoul

I averaged over a pound each on the Kong. As far as the best commercial weed to grow, Holyweed is my first choice. I've seen it go over 4 lbs. though it usually averages about 2 lbs. per plant. - Danbo

Still in veg. Put a few of them at 24 hrs light. (Scared a bit for hermies) They did stop their sleeping time (when the leaves go down for their night light or not). The leaves stay up 24hrs a day and they grow like mad weed. What I am seeing look to me like I'll get the largest yield VS plants in my life. The branch system is incredible. I took a lot's of clones so they are only 4 feet high but they look like they can support half a pound already easy. The cloning was easy too so many branches. Very happy so far. Start flowering next week keep you posted. Salt ferts used. In pro mix #4.

One bad side: looks like I have 2 strains here. One looks more productive than the other does. For the price, I was expecting something more stable. But then I won't loose money on both strains. Had 7 female out of 10 seeds. Easy to grow. But for the cash cropper, you will have some work to do, to get your mother. They all look kinda nice so you clone and clone :))) I had one very weird looking male very Afghani, did not look like the rest at all what was that? Never saw this leave shape before. I had one plant dividing into two main stems, one male the other female, talk about weird. In 18 years it is a new one to me, I?m having a lot's of fun with it too. I'm gonna test this thing to death. - Orchid Man

Potency is good, definitely gets you stoned. It?s about on the potency level of an NL5 or Skunk1. It?s not up to the real kills like AK, but it is a strong weed. The plants are super-vigorous and abnormally branchy, they'll grow very large and are not good SOG candidates-- they need big bushes. I only grew one clone, never a lamp-full, but the yield looked above average. The pheno that I got was the tall one that is really smelly. The smell and taste were just of rank, strong weed-- not fruity-- kind of musky. - ~shabang~

I agree that Kong (hybrid) sure seems indica to me! Mine have wide leaf structure and smell "Afghanilike"/" indica-like". Very prolific plants. It is my understanding that there are a lot of genetic goings-on within the hybrid strain from LM. You got your Kong momma crossed with (Canna?) Bubblegum and White Russian, which I believe is White Widow/AK-47. Also, according to legend, Kong is a laboratorymanipulated strain.... gene splicing....????

Well there it is... 380 gr. dried buds on 1 plant. The newbies would say, wow it is nice, but me I say bullshit.

The plant was beside my old faithful strain and the buds on my old strain were as big and smell better. THIS PLANT WAS SO BIG THAT IT SHOULD OF GIVEN 2 POUNDs (oops caps locks) SO, I would of been better off with my old strain than fucking around with the Kong. I know that many breeder say that there is most of the time only one super productive mother in those 10 seeds, but these seeds are so unstable that you end up with 3 strain, 2 principal ones, which one to clone??!! In those 10 seeds 5 plants were unusable, (genetic defect or male etc) plus another bad side is: My old strain was not affected by the white fungus but the Kong is very prone to fungus attack. Not good for a humid Place like the pacific northwest were it rain all the time. I would not buy some other Kong seeds; I will reveg my old faithful strain. Only one seed did produce a really good mother. This very plant did pass near of being thrown away because at birth it was separated in two main branches, one male the other one female, talk about genetic aberration.

So to summarize, I look like a stupid goof in front of my friends because I did believe in a story that was false. And about the space and time and effort that I did spent on those mothers that won't give shit... So... the man is not very happy....

I have to say that the clones are behaving differently from the mother, more resin and look more promising, but then the mother did look promising at first then she did stop after 1 pound. So I feel that I was taken for a ride and contribute to pay for their 40,000 mother that they did not take the time to breed as it should be, now they start to sell those seed saying that it is a cross of 3 strain, it is going to be a mess again or what, I won't be the one who will try it for sure. For 250$ I was expecting more stability. ETVOILA FOR THE KONG>>>>> Keep you posted about the clones, it might be another story...they look good but who knows....- reposter

Kong update, for those who would like to try the Kong, don't waste your time and money on it, it is way too unstable and almost no resin glands. The yield is not so great and you would have to be very lucky to find the right mother in this mess of strains. My old strain, (northern light derivative) went faster and give very near the same yield. There is absolutely nothing special about the Kong, I am very mad to have wasted my time and effort to this unstable strain. It was grown under 1000w hps and 4000w MH, salt fert, 1 plant= 380 gr. It was supposed to be at least 2 pounds. For the same space and light, I would of have the same yield with my old strain. - Orchid Man

Here are my final thoughts about this Kong story. These clones did give a really good harvest finally; I was lucky to find the right mother.... It is indeed the largest yield by square/feet I have ever had. If we don't take the time factor in mind (2 months and a half to flower) compare to 7 weeks for many strains. Due to the lack of formation of visible resin glands, I would suggest the Kong growers to use a clear metal halide for the last 2-3 weeks, more resin glands this way than under HPS. The clones under HPS did finish faster but with a lesser yield and potency than the ones under MH or the Sunmaster. The most potent ones were under this super cool white MH. I took the HPS's out of there completely when I have seen this. If you live in a place on heart where it is very humid, be aware that this Kong is very susceptible to fungus attack.

If we think about the Time factor: meaning that during the same time that the Kong took to give me this yield, I could of get the same yield with a faster flowering strain because I could of done 2 harvests of the faster strain (with clones) during the time that the Kong is lagging. For those who like potency and resin production, the Kong is not really for you. For a cash cropper with a lot of free time then it might be a good strain, but the buyers will search for the resin gland on the budz, it can be a problem for those who sell their crop. If I compare the Kong to the numerous Big Bud harvests I have seen, there is nothing so special about the yield of the Kong, it is just a very good yielder but still very unstable judging by those last Kong report we have read lately. So the final thoughts are: No, I would not buy the Kong for my own personal smoke (potency, buzz and ordinary taste) and No neither I won't use this strain for a future crop even if the yield was really good, because of the Time/yield factor. But yes, a newbie would find this strain very interesting and he would be happy to tell his friends that he have had a hell of a good yield. I can't give the Weight details on the board, but I can say that 4 clones = 1 pound. (Almost the double weight of the northern light but it took much longer to achieve it though). - Orchid Man

They are big plants, even if you give them only one month veg. from seeds they end up being 4 feet high. @ month veg and they finish at 7 feet. They become rootbound very fast. They drink more than other strain: the main mother plant was drinking 4-6 liters a day. They have a very extensive branching and root system. They grow very fast and need a normal fert dose, not more than other. They won't give many visible resin glands under HPS but will still be decent smoke. More resin glands under MH. So a ratio of 4 MH for 1 HPS is good.

Unfortunately, they are not the best producers that I have seen but only one of the best, which is deceiving if we think at all the time needed to finish the crop. I have had some of the earlier seeds so; things might have changed since.

The best way to do it is to use clones only, they are much more manageable and potent. You might have many strains in these 10 seeds; I had 4 different strains in mine, 7 females 3 males. Use the strain that look the less exotic for the mother, the exotic looking ones (largest leaves) won't give the best yield. The best MOM looks like somewhat paler green with elongated leaves and a very extensive branching system. Use large containers. - Frenchie

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