Skunk Strains

Skunk Strains

Because Skunk is perhaps the most widely crossed strain of cannabis, Skunk crosses with 50% or less Skunk heritage are listed under the heading of the cross, i.e. Haze Skunk is found under ?Haze? not ?Skunk?.

Skunk Strains cannabis seeds

Lambsbread Skunk

Lambsbread Skunk cannabis seeds photoThe famous Jamaican ?Lambsbread? crossed with Skunk #1 (F1 hybrid). A very special taste and high. Grows with long slim buds, has a medium yield and is almost 100% Sativa.

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Super Skunk

Super Skunk cannabis seeds photoThis plant is especially developed for Skunk lovers. Crossed of best Skunks to their Afghani ancestors. Brush against this plant and the room becomes immediately filled with powerful Skunk aroma. Despite the smell a very pleasant high with a little more body to it than the Skunk #1. One of the winners of the 1990 High Times Harvest Festival where it clearly defeated Skunk #1.

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Skunk #1

Skunk #1 cannabis seeds photoWinner of several harvest festivals, and ?High Times? Cannabis Cup. Skunk #1 (75% Sativa, 25% Indica) was originally a cross between 25% Afghani, 25% Mexican Acapulco Gold and 50% Colombian Gold. Inbred since 1978, now a stabilized homogeneous strain. Blooms with long, thick buds, varying in color from light green to golden. Very high flower to leaf ratio. Soft and sweet aroma and a very strong ?up? high. Excellent variety for indoor growing or greenhouse with darkening system. Very high yields. Easy to manicure. This variety serves as a standard against which others can be measured.

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Skunk Red Hair

Skunk Red Hair cannabis seeds photoThe variety which made indoor growing possible since 1985. Still one of the growers favourite. Will even tastes better outdoor if care under right conditions.

Specifications: ~ Flower: 8-9 weeks ? Dutch Passion Seeds catalog

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Shiva Skunk

Shiva Skunk cannabis seeds photoThis cross between Skunk #1 and Northern Lights #5 is a very reliable variety. Excellent hybrid vigour and yield make this one a snap to grow. Works superbly indoors as well as in a greenhouse. Taste and high are similar to Skunk #1, a rich sweet pungency, but with more resin and better yield. High calyx-to-leaf ratio, you can almost throw those scissors away as very little manicuring is required. An absolute must for beginners or experts. ? Sensi Seed Bank catalog

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B-52 cannabis seeds photoA truly superior skunk selection. Grows with heavy buds. Top variety for commercial skunk grower. As with other Skunks, superior sweet taste and aroma, the well known Sativa influence is detected in its high. Super fast for a skunky strain.

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Skunk Passion

Skunk Passion cannabis seeds photoSkunk is the best known variety to the indoor grower. Skunk Passion is a selection of these seeds. Selection was based on early flowering. It?s no use growing these seeds outdoors in Northern climates (see Skunk/Indica). The strong pungent smell is characteristic of this variety. Mean THC levels are high. Sensitive to spidermites, over and underfeeding. Sweet and soft smoke, very high.

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Pole Cat

Pole Cat cannabis seeds photoA synonym for a pungent skunk, this girl produces flowers and highs similar to super skunk. The buds are large with lime-green hues and orange pistils. Very nice for persons who enjoy a bountiful harvest, fragrant tops and a strong stone. She is a fast finishing plant that gets you in and out of the garden quickly. Fantastic for commercial enterprises.

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Sensi Skunk

Sensi Skunk cannabis seeds photoA strong plant with that typical Skunky taste and high. It has a high calyx-to-leaf ratio with large, full buds. Its excellent yield makes this one an absolute must for the greenhouse grower.

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Euforia cannabis seeds photoDeveloped by our breeders in 1996. A very fine Skunk selection, very commercial, very heavy bloom, bumper harvest, the famous Skunk high. Taste is not as sweet as our other Skunk selections but it is one of our favorites. Good for greenhouse as well.

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Trance cannabis seeds photoAn upgrade of the former variety Skunk/Indica. With 100% Skunk seeds, it?s not possible to grow fully mature outdoor plants because the seeds were selected for growing under artificial lights and greenhouse. Skunk was crossed with an early Indica, to let it mature sooner and to make the plant stronger for outdoor conditions. This is the F1 generation. It has come out as a very nice strain.

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"This indoor hybrid has a high calyx/leaf ratio & finishes flowering in 7 weeks or less. Our bigyielding, lemon-scented female clone named "Genius" because of her CLEAR, energetic, thoughtprovoking high was crossed with a robust Cinderella 99 male to create Apollo Eleven. Expect some variation among individuals. The best females are short, heavily branched plants with multitudes of dense, resinous bud sites - perfect for SCROG. The smoke has a sweet citrus flavour. The high is UP & HAPPY." - Bros. Grimm catalog

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Skunk #1 - Basic 5 hybrid

M39 Skunk #1 crossed with the Basic 5. This hybrid was a harvest festival winner in its first year! The Basic 5 is a female clone which has been cultivated successfully in Holland for quite some years and which has demonstrated it's value very well in indoor growing as well as in outdoor growing. The female Basic 5, which proved to be the best during commercial cultivating, has been chosen by us to be the seed mother for this hybrid. The Basic 5 is a small, solid and thickset indica plant with heavy buds, covered plentifully with resin. So, suited very well for indoor growing, the high is extremely heavy. This hybrid assures excellent results for both indoor and outdoor growing. Using the plantlet method, an indoor yield of 2000 grams (more than 4 lbs.!) per square meter per year is possible. These yields can be increased still further (up to 1/3) by flowering cuttings when they are only 6 inches tall. Harvest outdoors: Oct. 1." ? SSSC, 1987 catalog

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BC Skunk

Of the Skunks, I like the Federation's Island Sweet Skunk, which is originally Breeder Steve of Spice of Life Sweet Pink Grapefruit indica (sweet smell!) crossed with a 1992 edition of Sensi's Big Skunk#1, then stabilized. A strong trippy high, still allowing mental alertness, good big buds, sometimes a stretchy plant (that's the Big Skunk influence), very sweet lemony citrus smell and taste.

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Skunk Indica

With 100% Skunk seeds, it's not possible to grow fully mature outdoor plants, because the seeds were selected for growing under artificial lights. Skunk was crossed with an early Indica, to let it mature sooner and to make the plant stronger for outdoor conditions. This is the F2 generation. It has come out as a very nice outdoor strain.

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Big Treat

?Dutch Treat Female x Big Skunk Male (Sensi '95) Faint smell. Frosted producer. Decent bud, above average harvest in 8 weeks.? - Spice of Life Seeds catalog

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