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G-13 cannabis is a Indica plant from Mississippi USA. U.S. Government breeder.

The Headquarters Seed Bank in Amsterdam, later known as the C.I.A. (Cannabis in Amsterdam), sold a strain called O.G.13b. The (mid-80's era) catalog stated:
Variety: mostly sativa
Cultivated: U.S. genetics manipulated in Holland
Breeding: stabilized hybrid
Smell/Taste: sweet and spicy.
Effect: overpowering, stupefying high
Appearance: many flower clusters, covered with resin...
Flowering: 11-14 weeks. Harvest date: late November
Yield: Indoor - 225 to 275 grams per square meter.
Outdoor - 150 to 200 grams per plant
Height: 2 to 3 meters (Indoors: Sprawling Sativa).

Also, The Seed Bank's 1989 Catalog sold G-13 x Hash Plant and G-13 x Northern Lights #2. The catalog says:

G-13 is an outstanding pure Indica cutting reputedly discovered by the government research program in Mississippi. Widely grown as a commercial indoor plant in the US, G-13 has proven to be one of the best breeding plants in our collection

The G-13 pure, 55 - 60 day sativa (sic), doesn't exist in male form any longer. The last pure G-13 seeds were offered in 1988 by Nevil's old bank. A description from an old catalog would be nice, but I don't have one, but someone out there will. Sensi's version is a female propagated by cuttings for the last 10 years, the sativa female was pollinated by the stout afghan HASH PLANT male, and that is the current Sensi offering.

I sell g-13 x Skunk by THC seeds of Amsterdam, but candidly, it doesn't get great reviews. The interest in G-13 has become very strong since HIGH TIMES magazine featured a photo of G-13 with a claimed THC level of 28%, the highest they have ever seen. Sensi responded to this interest, and it will be hard to knock off, so it is expensive. I know no one who has grown out the seeds to fruition yet. Some others strains that exist only in female cutting: William's Wonder, Garlic Bud. Anyone can think of any others -Marc Emery

From an article about what Nevil Schoenmaker grew: G-13 is a very potent indica with a very strong stem and short internodes but a longer less webbed leaf. Although very strong, it seems to lack "personality" but is an excellent plant for breeding. -Hightimes, September 1990, page 50.

If you are in the Deep South like Mississippi or Alabama, there are lots of chunky skunky badboy local bud. Sometimes people sell blowaway as "G" short for g-13. But looking at the picture of G-13, it leafs look at lot more like a Kush than a fat indica leaf. -Johnny Reb

If you want the best of the best then I suggest you start searching for the pure G13 or its hybrids. That by far is strongest bud today (I've never smoked straight WW but have had crosses with a different type and if WW is a very strong head buzz it pales in comparison to the G13 strains). I have a G13xNL; it grows medium nodes with huge fat blades. This baby produces trichomes with heads instantly with lime green hues so its when near finished its just has thick white golden look all over has a deep penetrating mixed citrus like smell. I've been told that smell is a 10 cause it's so deep and pungent, with a deep orange flavor.

It produces small to medium size golden nuggets (I have a 400; maybe with 1k it will do a lot better). The high is very UNIQUE; it will take you up for a high lift, then suddenly it will slam ya back with force. VERY STRONG: its the best cause it been tried against 6 strains: NL5 Sensi, AK47, Kali Mist, Yumbolt, Blueberry, Jack flash, and none can even compare in potency taste and smell. - Dankmaster

It seems to be predominately indica, but it could be anything. My particular variety of the "pure" G13 I believe came from the Mississippi farm. Fat leaves, red stems (leaves), usually only 5 fingers, but I've seen six and even seven. Super resiny, and a fast finisher. This is definately a hybrid. At least our tax money is going for something worthwhile.

The G-13 was 43 days in 12/12, and while I might have let it go to 50, I need the weed and it was done. I have let it go to 64 before and it was MUCH too long. The G doesn't yeild as large a cola as an AK, but the buzz is outrageous. I'm so spoiled that I won't smoke anything else. The yeild is better and juicier in hydro than my previous harvest in soil. Also, with this breed I think a good veg time is about 10 days to two weeks.

For what it is worth, I always heard the name G-13 came from the person who actually 'liberated' the clone. G standing for Government and 13 representing the 13th letter of the alphabet = M = Marijuana. G-13 = Government marijuana - Prince Caspian

Sensi Seed offers g13xhashplant and that was it. It is the same as the one sold in the 80's and it is also 2/3 of Black Domina. I learned this at the Sensi Seed shop 1 day after I bought the seeds directly from Alan Dronkers hands at the Pax party house. I spoke to Tony about the Mantanuska and he said that nobody has smoked it and none is ready yet. I picked up 10 Mantanuska and 5 peak19 beans (Mantanuska x Stonehedge) for 300gilders (about 5american). Adam from T.H. Seeds (Tony's best buddy and provider of the Bubblegum and Californian genetics) told me its "Sag's big bud" with "great dense yields but not a 9 or 10 in potency" and that the Stonehedge was a "more rewarding high/plant to grow" and that the "peak19 was a perfect compromise/partnership. - Damion

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