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Apollo cannabis is a Indica/Sativa plant from Holland/USA. Soul, Brothers Grimm breeder.

"This indoor hybrid has a high calyx/leaf ratio & finishes flowering in 7 weeks or less. Our bigyielding, lemon-scented female clone named "Genius" because of her CLEAR, energetic, thoughtprovoking high was crossed with a robust Cinderella 99 male to create Apollo Eleven. Expect some variation among individuals. The best females are short, heavily branched plants with multitudes of dense, resinous bud sites - perfect for SCROG. The smoke has a sweet citrus flavour. The high is UP & HAPPY."

This Indica dominant strain was created by backcrossing a male cross of ShivaSkunk from Sensi and Princess' brother (a JH f2) back to the ShivaSkunk mother. In "cubing" terms that would mean that your plants are ShivaSkunk.75. Another grower I sent them to liked them a lot too. I'm glad you're having such excellent success with my strains! - MrSoul

I believe Apollo 13 is P88 male X Genius (Princess' more indica type sister) but still a JH F2 from the same set of seeds found at the 'Cafe in Adam. The new A11 is P94 or (C99 the more popular name) X Genius." - Webfish

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