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Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis cannabis is a Mostly Indica plant from California. Soul, Brothers Grimm breeder.

This is my first crop with a 1K light. All 8 plants were grown in 2.5 gal containers, organic super soil. Seven Aurora Borealis females from a ten seed pack. Vegged for 50 days and all finished flowering within 50 days. The Aurora Borealis came on strong in the last two weeks. I didn't really expect what I ended up with, but they really bulked up well during the last two weeks of flowering. I topped the three tallest ones and they produced slightly more than the untopped, but the ones that I didn't top turned out to have some really nice colas. One ended up being around 18 inches long and 3 inches in diameter, plus a cluster of smaller flowers around the base of the main shoot. Their scents ranged from pungent,(the big cola) to the lemon scent that I've heard some of these plants produced, and all of them were very frosty. The smaller plants were the ones that tended to smell like lemons. Overall, I ended up with just over 13.5 oz's, including 11 oz's of Aurora B, from 8 plants. A happy camper.

The Aurora Borealis kind of creeps on ya. It starts out as a light feeling in your forehead right after lighting up, and a couple minutes later you're feeling pretty damn good. After about an hour or so, my ass had grown roots to the couch and I found myself in a daze, trying to watch Rocketman on the Disney channel. Heh heh. I'm no big time grower, and this is the first time I've grown a strain of NL, but I'd rate the Aurora Borealis an 8 out of 10. It's a more complex buzz than Sensi's Hindu Kush and a much better producer. - Pauly

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