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BC Hash Plant

BC Hash Plant cannabis is a Indica plant from Afghanistan, British Columbia. breeder.

This strain is the BC Hash Plant. The origin is back in the pre Russia invasion of Afghanistan and the Indo Asian type weed strains smuggled back to the islands 25 years ago. The basics were developed outdoors.

Today this strain is reputed to be grown as large as 4 lbs. a plant in hydro systems over 120 days. Actually my friend Norm of Arthrology had a picture of himself in such a room brought into evidence in his trial.

The strain has also been grown on tables and dirt with good results. The colour is light green. In larger quantities is has a sweet pungent smell that looses it's strength as the bags are smaller. You can pack it in your pocket in ounce quantities with out everyone in your immediate area knowing someone has a bag on them. Good strong smoke as long as it's fully matured and cured with a bit of time. Just one slight warning.

This will be resolved in time. So in these seeds you will find plants with the back genetics of 100 generations behind. To the inexperienced grower what does this mean? You will find a higher than liked relationship of male to female for one. Secondly you will find a variety of height and strength with in each plant. It's not too likely with only getting ten seed that you will get any two to look the same. For the personal smoke grower this is great because each plant will give a different buzz. No tolerance builds up.

For the professional grower it means germinating 75 to 100 plants to find two or three mothers that you like. Needless to say the worst sign you want to here is there too. Hermies. You can expect that under any real heavy stress situations, like dry-out, overfeeding, and problems in flower stressing, may result in a large hermy break out. In good conditions there still may be a few stamens appearing. This is because the back breeding has not been as long as would be preferred. - Bongblaster

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