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BC Skunk

BC Skunk cannabis is a Mostly Sativa plant from California/British Colombia. breeder.

Of the Skunks, I like the Federation's Island Sweet Skunk, which is originally Breeder Steve of Spice of Life Sweet Pink Grapefruit indica (sweet smell!) crossed with a 1992 edition of Sensi's Big Skunk#1, then stabilized. A strong trippy high, still allowing mental alertness, good big buds, sometimes a stretchy plant (that's the Big Skunk influence), very sweet lemony citrus smell and taste.

Dana Larsen, the editor of Cannabis Culture, chose Island Sweet Skunk as his favorite Federation strain when I asked him moments ago, with the Hawaiian Sativa his second choice. You can work especially well on the Hawaiian Sativa, the ISS is more trippy, but no impairment there, either.

Dutch Passion uses a Hawaiian indica in their HAW/Skunk, which is a very big yielder and a lovely stone, its 65% indica/35% sativa.

The Federation Hawaiian Sativa crossed Island Sweet Skunk (tremendous potential in that cross) would be 85% sativa, 15% indica, and I would endorse it, and yields on the ISS and HAW sativa are substantial, though it would take 9 - 14 weeks flowering.

My favorite Canadian breeder is Steve of Spice of Life, currently working with Ed Rosenthal in Zurich at the vast marijuana farms that are there. However, I smoke a strain by Federation daily, and I have samples of over 20 of their varieties at any one time to choose from , so I am very familiar with their work and their strains would be 5 out of 10 of my top 10. (Mikado, Romulan, Hawaiian Sativa, Island Sweet Skunk, and their Golden Triangle Thai sativa).

To that I would add at least one Greenhouse strain by Arjan (White Widow), one strain by Joker (Snow Spice for now), who is from BC, Flo (DJ Short, who is from western USA), when its from the Sensi Cannabis Castle, nothing seems more affecting than the Northern Lights x Haze, but its hard to find the quality NL/Haze outside of Amsterdam even with Sensi Seed seed stock.

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