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Big Bud

Big Bud cannabis is a Mostly Indica plant from Oregon. Sensi Seed Bank breeder.

Flower: 7.5-8.5 weeks

Winner of the Cannabis Cup in 1989. Mostly Indica. All plants have guaranteed high yields, 25% has something special to it. Usually the lower branches collapse under the weight of the buds. Cash cropper's delight.

Ed Rosenthal says Big Bud came from Portland, Oregon.

The Big Bud was the same as usual. The buds are large for sure, but this strain just doesn't do it for me. They reached about 15 inches in height and yielded at least an ounce each. I've grown this strain 2 times before and to be honest I thought it came out poorly originally because they were my first crops, but even this latest batch, which was grown and dried as perfect as I have ever done, still pales as far as potency goes. This will be the last time I take up space with this strain. - James Hetfield

While I'm not going to say that Big Bud isn't a good strain, it's not as magical as many people seem to think. The main problem is the name, Big Bud, everyone expects massive buds. They are big, but not significantly larger than many other top strains. The potency is good but not knock you off your feet good.

There is huge variations from plant to plant, some are killer and deserving of some of the legends, but the majority are just typical(of high quality strains). Overall, a good plant as long as you don't expect miracles. I just finished a bowl of it myself.

Friend has been growing supposed BB for a while now, and let me say that the BB from Sensi I grew and selected a perfect mother (maybe just great luck?), but mine sure is different. Much greener, tastier, more potent, amazing. 8-10 in my opinion. But even Sensi says that 25% are "Special". So I'd advise germing the whole batch (pack ) of seed as to give yourself a better shot at a primo Mom! Good luck dude. If you never grew any exotics before, try an easier strain. You really kind of need to know what your doing (selection wise). - Bdubs

Piece of crap - hard to clone. I grew a few seeds from a seedbank selling Sensi BB, and I'm glad I didn't waste time and space with any more than 2 females. Maybe I was unlucky and didn?t score that hard to find large producer. Dunno. the plants were grown indoors under plenty of light. They were big in circumference, with spread out bud yield. I was expecting fatty kolas, but nope. It looked more like Holland/Canada Big Treat than BB is supposed to be. Anyway, that?s my two cents. - dak

Afoaf has a Posi Big Bud Mom that is 70% pistils ripe, with cloudy heads in about 43-45 days and it yields real nice. Its a real tough strain, eats ferts big time, not the strongest most devastating buzz, however it has a long duration 4 hours, but a repeat for sure, the strain has really "grown on me." Its just an allaround good strain, now if it took 55-60 days it would be history, its speed to harvest is a big consideration. - Budm

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