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Black Domina

Black Domina cannabis is a Indica plant from Holland. Sensi Seed Bank breeder.

Sensi Seed offers g13xhashplant and that was it. It is the same as the one sold in the 80's and it is also 2/3 of Black Domina. I learned this at the Sensi Seed shop 1 day after I bought the seeds directly from Alan Dronkers hands at the Pax party house. I spoke to Tony about the Mantanuska and he said that nobody has smoked it and none is ready yet. I picked up 10 Mantanuska and 5 peak19 beans (Mantanuska x Stonehedge) for 300gilders (about 5 american). Adam from T.H. Seeds (Tony's best buddy and provider of the Bubblegum and Californian genetics) told me its "Sag's big bud" with "great dense yields but not a 9 or 10 in potency" and that the Stonehedge was a "more rewarding high/plant to grow" and that the peak19 was a perfect compromise/partnership. - Damion

Black Domina. It's a day ender, you wont do anything but slump there for quite a while. For me it is the hardest full ind ica I have ever grown, or smoked, and I have been to A-dam which is where I got turned onto it by a bro from a coffee shop. The co ffee shop is a direct competitor of Sensi's as well, and even he said it will floor you, it did. ?Greco Roman

Greco, I know just what you mean. It's one of those breeds that you gotta smoke to really understand. It's got a taste like no other Indica (pure ) out there! Not for those seeking "sweet smoke" though. Tastes like Hash Oil.
ps- it's good outdoors as well...very early.- Bdubs

I purchased some Black Domina seeds from the Sensi Seed bank the last time I was in Amsterdam. I wasn?t too impressed with my final product. True it was very resinous and smelled like blackberries but the high wasn't that desirable. I also made the mistake of trying to grow a B.D. outside. Since it is an indoor variety only it does very poorly under natural conditions. I ended up with some runny nugs and some sticky-sweet, but just ok bud. - Bill Wonderful

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