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Black Hawaiian

Black Hawaiian cannabis is a indica/sativa plant from . breeder.

These buds are very compressed with many seed husks. They are a deep army green colored that seem brown from a distance and are sparsely covered with brown hairs. The scent is a little brown (dirty), a little chemical and a very little green. Since the Hawaiian comes from a long distance, its appearance could be greatly altered from its travels. It seems to have had many crystals, and its compactness is certainly a result of its shipping. When smoked this bud tastes very full, almost meaty (BBQ) with both green and brown flavors. The smoke is not particularly expansive but is very harsh because the buds have been overly dried in transit. The high comes on very quickly and is very stony and will leave you dazed. If it were nicer aesthetically it may have received an even higher mark. ****1/4 - Homepage Amsterdam

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