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Blue Bell

Blue Bell cannabis is a Indica/Sativa mix plant from California. NCGA breeder.

Early flowering will also tend to produce hermies. It is best to wait for the plant to develop sexually before flowering it. My BlueBell is a great example of an OUTDOOR plant. I have grown it and several of my patients do also. But they use my natural day length method or grow it outdoors. The results have been zero hermies. Yet when it hit the market I got several email complaining about it being a hermy. Now that it is only recommended for outdoors this problem have been reduced to zero.

This is by far the best plant I've ever had. I grew her to about 2 feet under flouros (24/7) then cut back to 12/12 for a couple of weeks before transferring her to the HID bud room. Plant really stretched at that point for the first few days and then I noticed that my HPS light was coming on, then powering off, and then coming back on over and over again. Bought a new bulb and the plant quit stretching. At this point the buds took off, at about golf ball size the top calyxes turned dark, bright pink and the small leaves around the buds frosted themselves with THC glands. This happened very fast.

I had a male that looked a lot like the female BlueBell so I grew him long enough to get pollen and seeded one of the branches. This seemed to make the plant respond with additional calyxes on all the buds (maybe just a timing thing?). Seeds are getting very large.

Plant is extremely easy to clone. It had approximately 20 nodes and I took the bottom 10 for clones.

Even a small side bud with a 1/2" of stem rooted ok. They seemed to have a hard time breaking out of bud mode back into veg mode but are growing very fast now.

After a week out of town and my plant only being fed once a day, most of the pink coloring on the buds is gone. The frosting of THC is at ridiculous levels. Fan that was blowing on the top of the plant got turned off course a little and looks like the plant tried to save itself from the heat by coating its top buds (all that?s left thanks to over active pre harvest testing) with THC. Smoke now tastes more and more like hashish and is losing the berry like aroma. Probably could grow the buds another 2 weeks but have a bunch of clones outgrowing their space in the veg room. Seems like you can harvest this beauty a little early for the berry tasting high or wait for them to finish to get the hashish tasting smoke that about knocks me out on 2 hits. Smoking the small frosted bud leaves gives me a strong rush that lasts for a minute or so." - tokertoo

I harvested my first "full garden" of BlueBells. Growing 12 clones in a 10 sq.ft. room gave me 10 oz of manicured buds. Started to clear at 36 days into flower and harvested at 45. This batch was very fast. Buds are almost white with THC and sticky as glue. I sprouted a few seeds that I made from the BLB Mom but they looked really weak and could not keep up with the clones. - Tokertoo

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