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Blue Moonshine

Blue Moonshine cannabis is a Indica plant from Oregon. D.J. Short breeder.

Flower: 9-10 weeks
Harvest: mid Nov.

A super potent Blueberry Indica, coated with a strong concentration of tall standing trichomes. This produces a long lasting very narcotic experience ~ body high blueberry. Short (80 cm) stout kush plants that produce dense, tight, rock hard nuggets of trichome coated bud. A true hash-plant.

Blue Moonshine IS NOT a White Widow cross. It is similar to the "Whites" only in its glandular resin coating. Blue Moonshine is a cousin to Blueberry, and is derived entirely from within my personal gene pool collection. - D.J. Short

I liked it a lot. It's mellow, weird, trippy yet down to earth. I crossed it with my best NL female and so far, NL-BM smells like heaven. I'd say it smells like Bubblegum, but I know there's a strain out there with that name. But that's just what it smells like (right now.)

So anyway, I found B.M. a lot like the description; strong but don't get it if you want your ass kicked (it isn't that way.) However, if you like mellow, different stones, I highly recommend it. Yield pretty good; nugs too hard if such a thing exists, quick: takes about two months or so; sorry I'm too busy to get terribly scientific about it. (and as I grow in about 12 CUBIC feet, you don't want my numbers. I doubt anyone shares them.)

And these are only my experiences and current opinion. I reserve the right to change my mind, which I may. Oddly, I'm just not sure about the Blue Moonshine, which is weird because I have an opinion on all others. Going to start all B.M. beans soon (Moving to bigger local and I swear I'm starting every bean in my possession when I get there (and I'm going totally organic!)) and I'll know my opinion better then.

Blue moonshine wouldn't be my choice if I could only grow one strain. But I'm superstoked to have it. -stonerg

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