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Blue Velvet

Blue Velvet cannabis is a Mostly Sativa plant from Oregon, USA. D.J. Short breeder.

Type: mostly Sativa, indoor.
Start vegetate: 1 week after roots show.
Flowering time: 65-70 days.
Average height: 1-1.5 m.
Yield: 250-300 grams / m² (dried)

An Oregon-Thai cross with blue hues and elevating energetic high. This is our most pure and oldest sativa strain. She is truly a queen of the cannabis court and a favorite for 70's sativa lovers. Wrap these velvety buds on a stick and create your own royal scepter.

I like it ok as an outdoor plant. The flavor is very good, the high is not bad. The buds, and yield are a bit low. I crossed it with a WW and WOW. Will try and get some photos of it up. I would say it does MUCH better outside than indoors. - ncga

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