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Blue Widow

Blue Widow cannabis is a Mostly Indica plant from California. NCGA breeder.

Blueberry (female from British Columbia) x White Widow (Aloha male)

APPEARANCE: Very short plant -up to 80 cm- with short to medium internodes, no central stalk butrather many stems forming a bush almost as wide as tall. Fat indica dark green leaves turn more slender when flowering. Very consistent -height, nodes and density are all very uniform.

BUDS: Budding is slow at first, then it explodes with orange hairs forming thick, rock-solid clusters covered in abundant shiny glands, all possessing an unmistakable blue hue to the tops. Good side branching will form dense solid buds with much resin everywhere in-between small thick leaves.

TASTE / SMELL: Smelling like a strong house cleaner that tingles the nose, it is extremely tasty, with a sweet hashy berry flavor that explodes in the lungs.

HIGH: Very strong, nice up, clear high -exhilarating, floaty, very visual buzz. It is more powerful, and has a much better high than either blueberry or white widow, but is not very heavy.

YIELD: It is high, being an easy to grow plant. Budding is slow at first, but then explodes with thick solid clusters with orange hairs and a very high calyx-to-leaf ratio. The AK-47 is a good yielding plant indoors but the BlueWidow will out yield it (NCGA).

Top 3 NCGA's strains in potency according to Marcel (NCGA assistant): BlueWidow (hands down the best so far); G13 crosses; any NC5 series cross. - NCGA

When looking at the BlueWidow it does best indoors. It does well outdoors but start it indoors under natural day length, clone it then place it outdoors. I found when it was grown outdoors from seed it tends to make a single 6 ft bud. Not the best use of space. When cloned though it reaches the same 6 ft but yields about four times as much. Harvest date outdoors California is 2nd week in October. If you can go to the 3rd or 4th its just wonderful and did well in the SF can cup. -ncga

I have grown out a Blueberry x White Widow cross, BlueWidow. It is a definite keeper in my grow. It has the strong berry taste(very strong) and a kickass buzz, more than just blueberry itself. It matures in 45-50 days with a moderate yield, but yielded more than my NL strain. I will do a new grow with BlueWidow and C99. 2 awesome strains. you wont find BW but a F2 is out there called TwoBlue. Taste and Buzz are the most important things IMO. -HJ

Here's a great tip for you people just starting out. Don't get caught in the hype about how great Sensi, Serious, Sagarmatha and Greenhouse are. They are very good but they are just very good commercial pot. The strains have been around in some form or other for 5 to 10 years and lots of them have lost their original zip. However... some of the new ones by NCGA tip the scales at excellent. Blue Widow is more powerful and has much better high than Sags Blueberry and Greenhouse white widow.

Stoneblue absolutely destroys the original Stonehedge and Blueberry that it was made from. Stronger, sweeter with bigger buds that still have distinct blueberry. The reason NCGA´s strains are so much better is because of hybrid vigor. Not to mention their price is much much better. -Merry Gary.

Supposed to be rock hard nuggets, very crystal-covered with a strong smell. not a great yield, but worth it. The originator of this cross said it lost some of the funky sweetness when crossed with the Widow-- that the smell is more pungent and harsh. Potency is supposed to be sky high... Most of us are just starting to flower it so the first results are from those who crossed the strain. (Some of us here have known each other for a while and have some of the same hybrids.)

I have the blue/widow at 43 days 12/12. I began flowering when nodes staggered. I don`t think it will be more than a fair yielder, but I think this is going to be a very potent strain. The leaf from this is as strong as our area commercial buds. This is one NC strain that could become INFAMOUS!

Well I can tell you about BlueWidow or (BW) I'm the one that had the idea for this strain to cross with a very nice blueberry mother...BW grows short to medium nodes fat fan leaves that will go more sativa as it enters flowering...the budding is slow at first been then explodes.... She produces nice thick solid clusters with orange hairs very high calyx/to leaf ratio.... Smell like a strong house cleaner that tingles the nose and strong hashy berry taste...high is very strong nice up not very heavy high. Hope this helps.

BW is very nice STRONG body high but if your looking for something quite clear and focused... I would go with Kali Mist its VERY up and super clear great sativa energy, although BW is very nice yielder of solid buds the Kali I have yields quite good and is quite dense def. not what I've heard or it description says. It gotta a very nice spicy with incense tones taste...I love it I got 9 clones ready to go with 9 AK.AK is heavy slammin high but very nice. So if you want a clear focused high then go for Kali. If your want a slammin buzz then you would want AK...and if you want an EASY high yielding plant BW would be your choice. Happy hunting.

My mcw's and BW's, as most of the ncga strains so far, have shown pre-flowers after 4-6 weeks of continuous light, it probably is the WW in them. By contrast, I am growing a few NL x Afg and J.H. mix; these plants do not show their sex so quickly. As the BlueWidow enters flowering the leaves go from thick indica to more slender sativa the side branching starts to fill out more. Should be some big colas and nuggs BlueWidow and it is a very good high exhilarating floaty very visual buzz. Another shrub! Looks like a little less yield on this 1, but still drying too so... Early samples were EXTREMELY tasty! My growing partner lost his sense of smell and taste in a freak deal and even he prefers this 1 for flavor. He says he can taste a strong sample on occasion... I thought that said something for it. It?s a good buzz too, but didn't seem to last as long as the others (keep in mind I only have 2 goin'). J VERY CLEAR high taste spicy sweet height nodes density are all the same with BlueWidow.

Those of you that are growing the BlueWidow are growing a very good strain short nodes thick dark green leaves in fact its very short I have a mother that?s 31 and hasn't got much taller than that when u flower her its a bombshell thick dense ROCK SOLID buds covered in so much glands it almost hurts the eyes to look at it and a strong smell that hurts the nose a bit its sweet hashy berry taste that explodes the lungs VERY STRONG. IMO better than pure blueberry. You will fall in love with this hybrid very short, good side branching buds will form in thick rock solid clusters and have sooo much resin everywhere in between small thick leaves has a smell that tingles the nose a sweet berry taste that goes BOOM in your lungs:). I tried some leaf from it 10 days into 12/12,and I must say very impressive. I always sample a little female leaf after sexing the plants. I have tried leaf from MCW, nc#5,nc#3,REW and the BlueWidow is in a class of its own. can?t wait to try the finished product. I have finished some of the BW. It's gonna be a keeper for our purposes. I too have noticed this strange growth pattern described below. My partner kept saying " the plants don?t have any center stalks, then they grow another node!? I wondered if he was nuts at first (he is, but that?s beside the point), but he described it to a tee. Thanks for the insight and education Bang! The plants are uniform and almost as wide as they are tall. They all possess the unmistakable blue hue to the tops and a flavor and aroma that leaves me wanting more. It isn?t the most powerful stone we have, but the flavor more than makes up for that.

I took 6 clones off one and the growth pattern is unusual. Instead of growing a main stem like most plants, this seems to have many smaller stems like a bush. I am only about 10 days into flowering, so I am curious as to what kind of bud formation to expect. Leaf is usually a good indicator and this leaf "kicks ass"!

Vic, I can see your concern about colchicine but you are in luck. Ncga has taken blueberry and crossed it with other killer strains to get crosses that are even BETTER than the blueberry. StoneBlue which is a cross of Stonehedge and Blueberry has got to be one of the best ever strains. Blue widow is almost as good sacrificing a LITTLE bit of potency for flavor and quality of high. -NCGA

I have 2 sets of Blue Widows, the first set is two clones at the end of their 5th week of 12/12, both stand about 32" (80 cm) and are almost identical, glistening with a thick coating of resin. They are also kinda bushy since I took the clones when the mother plant was almost done flowering, so the clones had to rejuvenate. My second set is of 3 seedlings; they are also quite uniform. They are all on their 7th node, still parallel branching. One does have a thicker trunk than the other two, but I attribute that to having more room root growth, they have all since been transplanted to larger pots.- Japedo

I'm currently growing his StoneBlue, MCW, nc5 and BW but unfortunately have yet to sample any... but I can say ALL germinated (in soil) and all are now knee to waist high after a mid-march planting.

They are all very healthy, bushy, nice color and of the other strains now growing, his seem to be the fastest (well, the MCW is a bit slow but they are coming). The BW is the most impressive of the entire garden, though. If it smokes like it looks, it?s a winner! Wish I could give a critique on the potency/taste... ask me this fall. - m.g.

My two from-seed BW's look close to done, but I'm trying to restrain myself. I always wind up harvesting about a week earlier than I should. The upper leaves on the smaller one have now turned a robust purple, kind of like Japanese maple leaves. Very exotic looking and very resinous, but alas such a low yeilder. Her big sister is really coming around though and looks about a week and a half from harvest.

Harvested around Day 60 and 61 - 2 BW from seed, each very different. 6 clones with 3 weeks left. Smaller, more resinous, very-purple girl was a low yeilder (31g from a manicured 18" plant w/ 4 colas). Smooth and fragrant with a very up high. Such a clear, functional high, in fact, that one wonders if they are still high after only half an hour or so.

Larger plant was a better yeilder, 46g 24" topped plant with 4 dominant colas and 2 smallish ones. For all the difference in looks, the high is very similar. Energized, not wiped out. All in all it was a fun project and I've got 6 more clones coming along with a mother under floros. May keep a bit of the BW around for a while.

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