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Champagne cannabis is a Indica plant from British Colombia. breeder.

The Champagne marijuana strain is an intense combination of Hashplant and a Kush strain that was pollinated with a male Burmese cannabis strain. The Champagne marijuana strain offers patients an exquisitely pleasurable medication. The effect of the Champagne marijuana strain sets in nearly immediately and lasts anywhere between an hour and an hour-and-a-half. The Champagne marijuana strain is ideal for patients with depression, inflammation and migraines. This 50/50 hybrid is very popular. Coated with trichomes, more experienced cannabis patients often use Champagne to make high-quality hash.

Champagne is a Kush indica from Vancouver, BC I have the clone and as far as I know any seeds are hybrid only. It's a great yielder with excellent crystal and ranks 8+ on my scale. Unfortunately, not good enough to make the grade compared to my 9+ plants, but a good indoor plant anyway. - Lady J

A good strain for use during the daytime, Champagne tingling body high may ease some lesser chronic aches and pains. However, it is more often chosen by those looking to fight the chaining effects of stress, anxiety and depression related disorders. A few find that this strain helps them sleep easier as well.

Champagne is a cross between Hashplant and a Kush that had been pollinated by a male Burmese plant. This strain grows short, rarely reaching above 55 centimeters, and flowers in between eight and ten weeks. Outdoors the strain is ready for harvest in mid-November. Champagne Kush can provide a medium to high yield that has been tested at a 15 percent THC level.

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