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Chitral cannabis is a Mostly Indica plant from India/Holland. Dutch Passion breeder.

Flower: 8 weeks
Harvest: 3 week of Oct.

This variety is a hybrid of Chitral and Skunk, Chitral being the variety of the famous Chitral-hasj of the seventies. Hybridized with Skunk, the variety tends to be even stronger. Good harvest, nice herbal taste and strong 'physical high'.

This bud has thick layers of orange-red hairs surrounding darker colored green nodes. The crystals are not very obvious, but are noticeable. It has a sweet green scent with skunky undertones that set it off well.

Dense bud s break up stickily and the stems taste more like mint or blueberry stems than skunk. However, the smoke tastes skunky with an undertone of citrus, like orange peel. It's thick and expansive in the lungs and will make you cough. The high comes on quick and is lazy and stony. Doesn?t give the munchies!

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