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Cinderella 88/99

Cinderella 88/99 cannabis seeds pictureThis strain may be the "Holy Grail". The result of painstakingly backcrossing a VERY RARE female to her male progeny over 3 generations. This hybrid was specifically bred for indoor cultivation. Short statured & heavily branched, this plant grows LONG, dense colas with an EXTREMELY high flower/leaf ratio and OUTRAGEOUS resin production. The breeder has observed a "giant leap" in potency with each progressive generation and, as expected, Cinderella 99 has topped all previous results - her high is heavily influenced by Haze; clear, energetic & devastatingly psychoactive. A plant with all of the above is rare enough, but Cinderella 99 finishes flowering after a scant 50 days of 12/12! Above-average yields of crystal covered buds reeking of tropical fruit aromas can be harvested every other month once a mother plant is selected and asexually propagated. One final accolade - preliminary results from the breeder indicate Cinderella 99 will breed true...IMAGINE!
Specifications ~ Flowering: 50 days. Height: 100 cm. Yield: 1-2lbs per 1000W lamp. ? Brothers Grimm seedbank catalog

Cinderella 99 will be available fro m Brothers Grimm in January (?9 9). This is the "cubed" generation resulting from backcrossing Princess 3 times with her successive male offspring. Expect a true- breeding strain with the same short flowering period, tropical fruit flavour, and soaring cerebral high. - MrSoul

Clone flowered under a 400watt, 42watts/sq.ft. Grown organically in a soilless medium, 1:1:1 ratio of GOOD potting mix, perlite, & worm castings. Finished about 16 "-18" tall. Nice high flower to leaf ratio, manicuring would be a breeze if it didn't have so much resin globbed all over it. Nugs were dense for a 400watt, but not tight like they are under the big lights. I flowered for 53 days, last 24 hours no light. I alternated Big Bloom & Hi-P fishes (Neptune?s Harvest) for food. Total yield about 15gm of very frosty & very potent well manicured buds. Good flavor, but a STRONG smoke. Very "up" high. I can get a lot done instead of just vegging. By far the best I've gro wn. No shit. ? Bill Clinton

C88 is the best so far. It has blown the socks off every Dutch variety I've grown for all around goodness. ? flwr smkr

The p hoto at the web site is Cafe'Girl, she is the sister of Princess (Cinderella 88's mom). Cafe'Girl is the seed mother I'm using to produce "Dylan's Diamond" which will be released in January 1999. She's

a beauty - BIG yielder of super DENSE, crystalized buds in fairly LOW light levels. Scent/flavour is very much like ginger ale.? ? MrSoul

Princess was obtained from growing out seeds found in buds of Jack Herer that was purchased in Amsterdam at the "Sensi-Smile" coffee shop, an authorized outlet of Sensi Seed Bank. Thus, it is considered to be an f2 generation Jack Herer. The seeds were found only in the deepest part of the buds indicating that the father was an unusually early-maturing JH that the growers missed at first. ? MrSoul

Princess is a female which resulted fro m a seed found in a Jack Herer bud I bought in Amsterdam near the Sensi Seed Bank at "Coffeeshop Sensi Smile". The bud came in a 2 gr. cello-pack with the Sensi logo; I expected sinsemilla, but it had about 10 seeds so I assume she's an F2 JH. Her characteristics were so fine I wanted to create seeds that would "replicate" this plant. She has the KILLER Haze-influenced high with the most DELICIOUS pineapple/evil scent, 50 day maturation in 12/12, and incredib le resin pro duction, do esn?t stretch - yet clearly Sativa-dominant! Last but not least: Never a hint of hermaphrodism after 2 years of cloning & many different styles of grow.
I wanted to "cube" Princess but add a little beef to her branches because the buds were always too heavy at harvest and branches needed staking to keep from flopping over. I crossed my ShivaSkunk female with one of the males from the same group of seeds that Princess came from. THIS cross produced a male which was then crossed to Princess, creating "P.50" (using a shorthand notation I developed to indicate the fraction of Princess genes in the cross).
Each generation is the result of crossing a male from the previo us generation to Princess herself (incestuous, I know).
Blow-by-blow description of the generatio ns: P.50 = Heavy, single-cola type plants with mellow high (too much influence from the ShivaSkunk)
Sweet fruity scent/flavor. Unstable in most traits - for example, 10 days difference in fastest/slowest maturation period in a group of 20 seedlings.
P.75 = Plants leaning MUCH more in the direction of Princess in floral cluster and bud structure, scent/flavor turned more "tropical" like pineapple. The stability was becoming better - two major phenotypes; short & dense (potent too) o r tall/HUGE (Not so potent).
P.88 = Renamed Cinderella 88 when first released on the market. It grows fast and produces excellent yields of FROSTY buds in 7 weeks! Generally uniform seedlings with minor differences in floral formatio n and some height variance, but the smo ke is quite consistent fro m all plants - Dense, heavy
nuggets of fruity scented & flavored (like wild berries) and covered in resin glands, the dried buds have distinctly ORANGE pistils.
And now P.94 = Cinderella 99. This project has been a huge success. The strain has been embraced by the "net"work of growers with rave reviews. The Bros. Grimm too have been recognized for their excellent combination of quality products and unparalleled service after the sale. There's NO OTHER seed bank that has it's breeders on the net answering questions from "newbies" 40 hours/week, and the info is first-rate; even details of their breeding strategies are openly discussed so that the seed buyer can feel well-informed about the products BG offer.
I personally think the plants these Cinderella 99 seeds produce are every bit as good as a cutting from Princess herself (or better). I say better because the flavor of no two plants is "identical"; there's a personality to all living things. Like Princess herself, Cinderella is sweet & fruity to the p alette and nose, and when you take a hit you're BLASTED...with the same "racy" high as Princess! The improvement comes in the yield department; 25% greater yield and a stronger branch structure, which I accomplished by starting with some ShivaSkunk genes in the original father in the cubing process. I knew I'd blend o ut the majority of the traits from ShivaSkunk in the cubing p rocess, b ut I was hoping to incorporate the ShivaSkunk's stronger branches because Princess had a tendency to need supports in the final two weeks o f flo wering. As it turns o ut, I got lucky and it worked. The name suits the strain IMO - it?s a true Cinderella Sto ry. - MrSoul

Jack Herer is an unstable strain bred from an unequal combination of Sk#1, NL#5, and Haze. Crossing a male and female Jack Herer creates an F2 generation which has a HUGE number of possible recombinations of the genes. I grew out some Jack Herer F2s and discovered a SPECIAL one,
"Princess", which has man y improvements on the original JH such as a shorter flowering time, denser bud structure and pineapple scent/flavour. I have been continually back crossing Princess with her male offspring (generatio n after generation) which eventually creates a stabilized strain having her special characteristics found reliably in most females grown fro m those seeds. Each generation is composed of a 50% genetic contribution from Princess (since she's the seed parent) and a 50% contribution from the pollen parent (which also has an increasing percentage of Princess' genetics with each generation). The progression goes: P.50, P.75, P.88, P.94, and that point it's considered stabilized (a male and female P.97 can be crossed and the offspring are essentially the same as the parents). I have been VERY pleased with the way this project is going; even the P.75 generation was rather stable in the sense that the individuals were all rather uniform and HIGH quality. The P.88 seeds are available now, and the P.94 will be available around Christmas time. So, you see, since I have combined genes from Sk#1, NL#5, and Haze, creating a plant which has characteristics distinctly different than Jack Herer, and I'm creating a stable strain from this plant... it's legitimately MY work. ? MrSoul

I used Shiva Skunk from Sensi Seeds as a minor component in the development of Cinderella ?. I crossed a fine female Shiva Skunk with a brother of Princess, then grew a male from those seeds to begin the cubing pro cess with. - MrSoul

C99 is has more of the Haze type of high because the mother (Princess), has that kind of high and each time I back-cross to her the next generation gets a bit more of it. Smoking PURE Princess buds is a bit's too "speedy" and paranoia-inducing for most people. But she's so RESINOUS (see photo) and her flavour is just so delicious and fruity that I knew back-crossing her to her offspring over several generations would create a strain which is actually BETTER than the original mother in terms of a more PLEASING high. It was successful beyond my expectations.

The progression I went through was:
P.50 = Princess/(ShivaSkunk/Princess'Brother)
P.75 = Princess/P.50
Cinderella 88 = Princess/P.75
Cinderella 99 = Princess/Cinderella 88

Each generation exhibited a MAJOR jump in potency (P.50 was rather mellow)...P.75 has a well-balanced body/mind high with a citrus flavour, Cinderella 88 is cerebral & paralyzing with a tropical fruit flavour, and Cinderella 99 is "TRIP WEED"...with more of the fruity flavour and speedy effect from Princess. - MrSoul

Princess.75 finished outside in northern Kentucky Oct 15, (killer smo ke!) The 99's should also, I would think. I do intend to find out! No mold and it was quite wet too. ? 27yrs

I grew out Cinderella 88 and in my experience the Great White Shark is a more interesting line although admittedly my luck with C88 was not the best. The one female I was vouchsafed grows more like a vine then a tree and is difficult to clone and cultivate. However the psychoactivity of the floral clusters is very intense and the stone is complex and very cerebral. This is a very potent plant, indeed. But if I didn't know it was Cindy, I confess I might have let this p lant go a while ago. As it is I am trying to find ways to accommodate the plant's finickiness because of its lineage. But I wonder if the BG's cross between the original princess and a Green House male White Widow (Ice Princess) might not be a more propitious way of including Bg's Princess genetics in one's garden. The hybrid vigor that results from crossing two great plants of differing genetic backgrounds creates the best stock for cultivation, in my opinion. ? Moose

I want to comment that your result with the Cinderella 88 is NOT typical: I have grown an awful lot of them, and I have never seen one that was remotely "vine-like". They're usually Sativa-dominant hybrid phenotype with moderate leaf width, short & stocky stature, heavy branching, extremely high flower/leaf ratio and unparalleled resin production. The flo wering plants smell like fruity cotton-candy. In my experience, they usually root through a 2 inch rockwool cube in 10 days...and I don't even use rooting hormones. ?MrSoul

Cinder: There's b een a lot of talk about this strain. All I can say is that I'm very glad I grew this one. Fast, nice yields, great high. Harvested at 49 days--maybe even a little too long. While most really bite ya in the ass, the occasional bud out of my jar is simply wicked. I actually got lost a few blocks from my house--shit that hasn't happened in 10 years. - shaggy

There are 10 C99's flowering at day 32 in the hydroponics online 2-liter bottle ebb-and flow system using GH nutes and Pure blend at about 1600 ppm(they could probably take more!!). I have to saythese plants are unbelievable! The situation is that the buds are becoming too heavy for the branches, including some of the colas. It looks like some of the side buds will be scraping the floor by harvest! -KGB

I agree that c99 appears to be something special. Great resin production, great density at 28 days. Still no major odor(yet.) The thin leaves allow great light penetration. Sometime in the future I will do a whole garden of Cindy. What GH mix are you using on the c99 right now? She has been the most finicky feeder I?ve ever met. ? kaka

C-99 is very uniform. I have 4 females grown from seed that just finished their 4th week of flowering, and the only variation seems to be their height, the shortest being 3.5 feet and the tallest 4.5 feet, and all were topped once. They were started under a 400 watt MH for the first month and have been getting a full 12 hours per day of su nlight since then, and their cola's are HUGE. Wait'll you see how well they do und er natural sunligh t. ? Rex Feral

My estimate for Northern States would be early October. I have a friend who was growing it outdoors in Maine (48 degrees N?), it was about 3 weeks from finished in mid-September. Unfortunately, his outdoor grow was ripped off. If you're growing in an area prone to mold, you may have problems, but it's difficult to say because in the Northeast we don't have such a problem with mold. I can only tell you that the buds are DENSE (you HAVE seen the photos, haven't you?) it could be susceptible to mold. -MrSoul

If its Fruit Punch that yo u want, you should check out "Cinderella 88"?.I've smoked the mother that this is the backcross of, and YEEEEHAW she kicks ass. The smell is very similar to the Hawaiian...

think back to when you (ok I) was a kid... remember Bubbalicious? Or Hubba Bubba chewing gum? Think about the tropical fruit flavor, and there ya go-- thats what it smells like... A sickly sweet fruit punch gum, a little undertone of "stink" to go with it. A first class high too... (Not to turn this into an ad vertisement, just a recommendation, but I've personally tried this strain and it will do it for you just like the Hawaiian). - Shabang

I'm kind of trying for either Kali Mist or their Himalayan Gold, essentially I?m looking for a badass sativa high that I can grow manageably indoors. -See if you can get Cinderella 88 from Mike at Weedseed. I've personally tried this smoke and it is the best, most lucid sativa high you could ask for.
The breeder put a lot of time and talent into this one! Kumquat I do have 3 6' princess " crosses in my garden. They are nothing like the j. herer growing with them, as someone mentioned...looks closer to Ncga?s BW b ut with a more sativa look. The plants preflowered in early June which made it much easier to plan the garden spacing, although I had no idea these would get so tall. The secondary branching is quite thick and well developed with tight node spacing so looks to be a good yielder. It has handled our 100+ degree days w/o any problems, unlike the j. Herer (only minor probs with them) and even took on a Great Dane bending one over flat on the ground! It sprung right back after a bit of temporary splinting and bracing to be the fattest plant in the garden...which btw, includes most of the "hot" seedbank offerings of last year.? - Desert Rat (a.k.a. M.G.)

My head just turned full circle...This shit is good! I have to say to the brothers...Cinders passes the test with flying colours...the effect is very heady and almost hallucinogenic...very much like a potent version of silver pearl... with a smoother, fruitier taste and no nasty tickle at the back of the throat. ?Mike

I can only answer question #3 (Does it have as strong a sativa high as haze or Durban?)? WAY STRONGER!!! At least the sample of Cinderella 88 I had was. Very tight nugs too ! It was gro wnindoors so I expect the outdoors to be even better (just the way it turns out for me). Very fruity, mellow hitting and easy to take in too much as it has a definite creep to it. The buzz is very sativa-ish and tends to make the mind wonder when trying to find something. But the energy to keep looking is there! I highly recommend it! But keep a bowl of some nice indica nearby to mellow it out! All above is strictly MHO and based on MY experience. - dead man talking a.k.a. M.G.

The only person I know who has disliked Soul's weed is BB. Taste is a personal thing but I think we know that politics may have also played a ro le there. The buds of the ones I'm growing out are dense and sticky. The plants are a little small for my liking and probably wo n't make the grade, but it is obvious that it is high grade bud. - Vic High

The princess I have smoked was indoor grown by a friend of mine. It is a VERY heavy sativa high bordering on paranoia at times. I found it's best when there's a bowl of a nice indica around to mellow out the edge. 3 tokes do the trick (it creeps up in about 15-20 minutes)! Very nice sweet, fruity flavor and tight nuggets. The plants I have growing outdoors in the hot desert are doing great. They have the typical sativa x-mas tree shape and very hardy. Planted 6 eggs, got 5 plants with 3 being female. It will become a permanent fixture in my garden! - Desert Rat

Remember that Cinderella (88) is a Sativa-dominant hybrid, so you can expect it to be a LITTLE "leggy? when grown from seed. However clones from a good mother will stay quite short - I flower 12" clones for 7 weeks in 2-gal containers of organic soil to produce a 2.5' plant which yields about 2 ounces. Yes, "crystal" production is AMAZING...the stalked resin glands appearing on bud leaves as early as 3 weeks of flowering look like white FUR! - MrSoul


European Strains similar seeds

Cinderella 88/99

Cinderella 88/99 cannabis seeds photoThis strain may be the "Holy Grail". The result of painstakingly backcrossing a VERY RARE female to her male progeny over 3 generations. This hybrid was specifically bred for indoor cultivation. Short statured & heavily branched, this plant grows LONG, dense colas with an EXTREMELY high flower/leaf ratio and OUTRAGEOUS resin production. The breeder has observed a "giant leap" in potency with each progressive generation and, as expected, Cinderella 99 has topped all previous results - her high is heavily influenced by Haze; clear, energetic & devastatingly psychoactive. A plant with all of the above is rare enough, but Cinderella 99 finishes flowering after a scant 50 days of 12/12! Above-average yields of crystal covered buds reeking of tropical fruit aromas can be harvested every other month once a mother plant is selected and asexually propagated. One final accolade - preliminary results from the breeder indicate Cinderella 99 will breed true...IMAGINE!
Specifications ~ Flowering: 50 days. Height: 100 cm. Yield: 1-2lbs per 1000W lamp. ? Brothers Grimm seedbank catalog

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Chronic cannabis seeds photoChronic is the plant to grow when yield and quality are top concerns. Mostly an Indica this plant can produce up to 600 grams per m2 while not compromising quality. Chro nic has a strong high with a heavy resin content. Smokers that know and grow choose this plant for both appearance and it?s sweet scent. Winner of 3 place hydro division in the 1994 High Times Cannabis Cup, this is chronically the best rd choice for growers that are tired of loosing quality when gaining yield. Indica/Sativa bred with powerful effect and sweet smell in mind. Quality without compromise, serious flower power!

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Top 44

Top 44 cannabis seeds photoThe top44 is a cannabis strain developed in Holland some years ago, it's mostly indica crossed with a skunk and something else, there are a lot off speculations what this 'else' mig ht be, but for now it's still unknown. The top44 is an impressive fast flowering plant, I never heard off a strain that was faster, it has an flowering time from only 6 weeks (44 days), but gives big resinous buds in this short time.

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Black Domina

Black Domina cannabis seeds photoSensi Seed offers g13xhashplant and that was it. It is the same as the one sold in the 80's and it is also 2/3 of Black Domina. I learned this at the Sensi Seed shop 1 day after I bought the seeds directly from Alan Dronkers hands at the Pax party house. I spoke to Tony about the Mantanuska and he said that nobody has smoked it and none is ready yet. I picked up 10 Mantanuska and 5 peak19 beans (Mantanuska x Stonehedge) for 300gilders (about 5american). Adam from T.H. Seeds (Tony's best buddy and provider of the Bubblegum and Californian genetics) told me its "Sag's big bud" with "great dense yields but not a 9 or 10 in potency" and that the Stonehedge was a "more rewarding high/plant to grow" and that the peak19 was a perfect compromise/partnership. - Damion

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Jack Herer

Jack Herer cannabis seeds photoCombining three of the strongest secret varieties kept by Sensi resulted in this multiple hybrid of many years of selective breeding. Highly resinous.
Flowering: 50-70 days.
Height: 150-180 cm.
Yield: up to 125 gr. ?Sensi Seed Bank catalog

Jack Herer = Sk#1 X NL#5 X Haze. This multi cross has been stabilized over the past couple of years and is now reported to be very even and consistent.

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Sensi Star

Sensi Star cannabis seeds photoThis hybrid is a great indoor plant. She produces powerful, resinous and very compact buds. The dense, sweet aroma speaks for itself. One of world?s best stuff for heavy smokers. It is breathtaking and gets you stoned to the bone.
Type: mostly indica, Flowering time: 55 - 60 days, Yield per m2: 350 - 450 grams. ? Paradise Seeds catalog

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Hollands Hope

Hollands Hope cannabis seeds photoOne of the first Dutch Outdoor strains, grown in Holland since the early eighties. A heavy Indica variety with a knock-out high. Very mold resistant. Highly recommended.

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Jack Herer x Haze

Jack Herer x Haze cannabis seeds photoThis sweetly scented mix is forest green in color with few, lon g, brown hairs. The bud structure is lent from its Hearer lineage, while the color is most certainly descendent from the Haze. The buds swell oddly like freshly shaven carrots, and are very sticky when broken up. The nodes are coated in white crystals. When smoked, the bud releases thick clouds of sweet, tangy, tasty smoke which expand substantially in the lungs. The high hits quickly and really sends yo u for a whirl ? it is visual and Trippy. This mix surely brings out the best in both buds.****1/2 ? Homepage Amsterdam

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Jack Flash

Jack Flash cannabis seeds photoJack Flash does go a bit long in the flowering, it grows in two types one very Sat/Haze influenced, tall 5'-6' with huge "Heads on Sticks" that dried at over 1 oz. each! there were 5 of them on one lady in a 5 gal pot, she took about 76 days, but was worth every day. The other type grows very Indica-like, there was one special lad y like this type, that was very fruity with a nice trippy high that gave way to a indica high after the first hour and the indica-dom. takes about 60 days to flower, also very well worth the wait, several connoisseurs said that it was amo ngst the best Indica they had ever smo ked, and the taste cured is fantastic. And the strain is very easy to take care of. It was really nice, and it yields great in both forms. Out of 7-8 different strains grown Romberry and Jack Flash are definite repeats, as they are both in the Veg closet again. There's really only one place to get Sensi stock (IMO) but the price is OK considering they give ya 16 beans, in that respect there only a/b 5$ each. Sorry for the long post but its a favorite and I wanted to give ya my $.02. - Budm

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Peak 19

Peak 19 cannabis seeds photoPeak 19 was the original western name for Mt. Everest. With similar magnitude and strength as the majestic mountain herself inspires, F1 hybrid Peak 19 will fulfill yo ur cannabis desires. The potency of this plant will take you soaring high above the rigours of daily existence. Thought provoking and physically stimulating, the highs associated with Peak 19 are somewhat trippy in their nature. This smoke should be enjoyed mostly by sure-footed high altitude experienced Sherpas or persons with a high sense of adventure. The matrimony of Stonehedge and Matanuska Tundra is one of Sagarmatha's most prized and "flavourite" delicacies, providing a palatial delight and a celestial height for every high mountain trekker.

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El Nino

El Nino cannabis seeds photoFamily Heritage: A quarter Sativa and three quarters Indica.
Vegetative Time: For indoors a suggested minimum of two weeks.
For outside - germinate May or by the end of spring.
Flowering Time: For indoors a suggested time of 9 weeks. For outside it will be ready early autumn. Asubstantial yield will be expected. ? Green House Seed Co. seedbank catalog

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Nebula cannabis seeds photoLike the name suggests this plant is covered with twinkling shiny THC glands. Its flavour and scent, marvelously sweet is a delight to even the most experienced smoker. She is bound to get you into the realm of space. Her buzz is typically transcendental and it is known she takes you far beyond your grasp. When you want to join the worlds of nebula, she is waiting to give you universal depth.

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Amsterdam Flame

Amsterdam Flame cannabis seeds photoThis outstanding plant of excellent quality with her sparkling looks is selected for the lovers of cannabis best. Her wonderful high and soft subtle taste carries us like a summer breeze, telling tales of mysteries. A plant worthy for the ?canna?seur. It is not saying too much, it is hard to wait for harvest time!
Specifications ~ Type: mostly indica, Flowering time: 50 - 56 days, Yield per m2: 400 - 500 grams. ? Paradise Seeds catalog

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Early Riser

Early Riser cannabis seeds photoEarly Riser is our first variety especially developed for outdoor production. Several generations of select breeding -choosing individuals with the shortest flowering period combined with the highest density of cannabinoidal resin - have produced a wonderful example of botanical wizardry. This species is truly worthy of supporting the same high quality standard of exceptional cannabis that Sagarmatha has provided for her scrutinizing clientele. The aroma and flavor of Early Riser is sweet with a minty aftertaste. The high is uplifting and motivatio nal, releasing the sun's natural energy with every bowl, so let the sunshine in and don't get burnt!

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Durga Mata

Durga Mata cannabis seeds photoThis cross of two super Shivas, selected for their resin content is mind blo win g but nevertheless tasteful and she is easy to grow. A plant to get familiar with the world of cannabis.

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Chitral cannabis seeds photoThis variety is a hybrid of Chitral and Skunk, Chitral being the variety of the famous Chitral-hasj of the seventies. Hybridized with Skunk, the variety tends to be even stronger. Good harvest, nice herbal taste and strong ?physical high?.

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Pluton 2

M45 Indica type, strong, bushy plants. Very suitable for outdoor growing in northern climates. Cold and mold resistant. Success guaranteed. Early flowering. Yields vary from 500-1000 grams per plant. Some variation. Harvest second week of September. Very good for indoor plantlet growing as well. The smoke is very strong. - S.S.S.C. catalog 1987-88

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Silver Pearl

Silver Pearl cannabis seeds photoThis 3 way hybrid contains Early Pearl?, Skunk #1? and Northern Lights?. This hybrid is quicker and sweeter than the Shiva Skunk?. Excellent indoor and greenhouse results. Plants exhibit frosted resinous characteristics of the Northern Lights #5? and the sweetness and calyx-to-leaf ratio of Early Pearl / Skunk. One of our favourites and in 1994 the winner of the mixed Indica/Sativa category.
Flowering: 45-50 days.
Height: 100-125 cm.
Yield: up to 100 gr.
Finishing date in greenhouse: mid -October.
Yield in greenhouse: up to 500 gr. ? Sensi Seed Bank catalog

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Swiss Miss

Swiss Miss cannabis seeds photoImported: Switzerland
Pure breeding
Sativa/Indica: looks pure Sativa
Appearance: looks like Mexican Sativa
Type high/strength: lightweight smoke
Height: 2 m Yield : med
Harvest date (Netherlands natural photoperiod): end Sept
12hr day exposure harvest (# of weeks): 8-10 indoor / greenhouse / outdoor
Early flowering (good breeding stock for earliness), good for the Dutch Alps

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Dutch Dragon

Dutch Dragon cannabis seeds photoThis dragon of Dutch descent is a spectacular plant for indoor growing. High yields with short flowering period. Superb quality along with long sticky colas. Its sweet taste and strong potency makes her the favourite to many regular smokers.

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Fourway #1

Fourway #1 cannabis seeds photoFour Way #1 is a hybrid of 4 different strains, 25% Indica, 25% Ruderalis, 25% Northern Light, and 25% Skunk #1. As a whole the Four Way #1 cross has the Indica appearance. The plants are strong and easy to grow. Some of the plants give very high yields, so select a clone. The plants have a minimum amount of leaves and grow well developed buds. A very good smoke in taste and high. Not susceptible to spidermites. ? Sensi Seed Bank

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Stonehedge cannabis seeds photoStonehedge is a marijuana of megalithic proportions. This plant has vigorous growth and excellent crystalline structure. By far the largest and densest sativa we have. Her lineage consists of an old style Cambodian type plant with a slight Western Winds influence that enhances the sativa strength and pleasure.

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KC36 cannabis seeds photoI grew KC 36 from KC Brains, it is a very unstable strain, out of 30 seeds I got 2 good plants, I could discern 3 "varieties" one has very fluffy Buds and small calyxes, this one you can forget. Another one has extreme big calyxes but very few. The "real one" has big calyxes and extremely big buds and is a very good yielder. One of the good plants tends to get Bud rot cause of the massive Buds, the other is not so tight.

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Night Queen

Night Queen cannabis seeds photoA 1997 upgraded strain. Very early flowering, very productive, a Sativa/Indica cross. Big fat buds. The aroma is sweet, Sativa high.

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Eclipse cannabis seeds photoA new variety, mostly Indica with a sweet taste. Somewhat a version of the bubble gum/bubble berry famous by American clients. This is one for the young and the young at heart.

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Willy Jack Jack Herer

The Willy Jack Jack Herer is a domestically produced version of the Sensi original. I found the genetics to be pretty messy, in that there was a great deal of variation between the different plants. however, the mother I went with has a relatively short flowering period (about 60-65 days) and big crystal formatio n, and it was definitely worth the meager price and growing them out to find the best one. the high is very active / cerebral, but you can still feel the indica. in my opinion, it's like a skunk that is more heavily influenced on the sativa side. if you flush it properly or grow organic, it should end up tasting sort of like pecans...

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Princess 75

(Sk#1 x NL#5) x (Sk#1 x NL#5 x Haze)) x (Sk#1 x NL#5 x Haze) 6 seedlings are off to the races. Princess was obtained from growing out seeds found in buds of Jack Herer that was purchased in Amsterdam at the "Sensi-Smile" coffee shop, an authorized outlet of Sensi Seed Bank. Thus, it is considered to be an f2 generation Jack Herer. The seeds were found only in the deepest part of the buds indicating that the father was an unusually early-maturing JH that the growers missed at first.

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The strain called "5 in one" was my favorite. Very high calyx to leaf ratio. There was hardly any trimming to do on these awesome buds!!! It was all bud I swear to ya!!! They reached maturity at about 15 inches and each plant had many medium size nugs. The stems on these babies were strangely thin, so thin that as they were growing up I thought they were going to suck. I used shiskabob sticks to hold the buds up though and the closer they were held to the light, the denser and bigger the bud was. The smell was awesome, definitely something fruity. The taste was great too, actually the first time I can say I actually could feel the different taste of this awesome strain. These babies yielded almost a Z a piece so needless to say I am hap py with them. -James Hetfield

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Valley Girl

This variety is a Cheyenne Indica with a skunky influence, for lovers of fragrant weed with a strong buzz. Take this girl just before bed and have a seductively sedative session. Her name was derived from her stupefying qualities. Gag me with a bud.

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Tangy indica, wicked crystal. F2.
Height: short, will grow wide with veg
Flowering: 6 Weeks
Harvest Outside: early Oct.
Yield: Average - Spice of Life Seeds catalog

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Polm - a.k.a. Jack Herer

I ordered the Polm special from Jock. He said it was Jack Herer.
I have just finished some of Jock's Posi Jack Herer and have one that keeps on adding to its white, fat cola like the Eveready bunny. It just won't quit after 11 weeks, although harvesting time is prolly within a week or two. Think you will like it. Nice profile, short internodes, average harvest from 12/12 light set has been around 9 weeks.....typical indica/sativa leaf, excellent calyx/leaf ratio, great high that's creeper...3 good tokes and you're good for the night. Doing a seed program and am coveting the seeds on this one. ? Uncle Ben Dejo

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Hollandsch Hoop

Developed: inbred 10 plus years Stabilised hybrid Sativa/Indica: California Sativa crossed with Indica
Appearence: big long clusters, green to goldish at harvest Smell/taste: sweet smell
Type high/strength: good taste and strong
Height: 3-4m Yield: very high
Harvest date (Netherlands natural photoperiod): begin Sept.
12hr day exposure harvest (# of weeks): 7-9 indoor / greenhouse / outdoor - Positronics seedbank catalog

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