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Domino cannabis is a Indica plant from British Columbia. Breeder Steve breeder.

Height: short, will grow wide with veg
Flowering: 6 Weeks
Harvest Outside: early Oct.
Yield: Average

Domino is an Indica medical marijuana strain that originates from the British Columbia region of Canada. Known for its very distinct and unique plant structure, this strain has become world-renowned and a patient's go-to choice for medicinal purposes. Domino is typically listed as a very short plant that tends to grow very wide and in a vegetative state, similar to a weed bush if you will. Out of all the plants that have been cultivated, it remains rare to see a plant such as Domino that grows outwards an in a bush-like manner. Other than that, harvest time for Domino is usually in early October and flowering only takes about six weeks.

This specific medical marijuana strain has been known to have some very long-lasting effects, and much is not needed to feel completely medicated. Patients can smoke about a quarter of a joint by themself and can feel buzzed for more than three hours depending how much was placed into the joint. Domino provides a very mellow buzz without getting patients stuck in a couch lock trance. By not providing a crash, patients have expressed an undying love for the medicinal properties of this strain. This is most definitely your ideal combination of a mind and body high.

This particular Indica medical marijuana strain is great for patients who are suffering from conditions such as severe stress, chronic anxiety, insomnia or loss of many hours of sleep, chronic or debilitating pain associated within the body and lack of appetite. Please note that although these conditions have been known to alleviate these respective conditions, the list is not limited to just the aforementioned.

Reported downsides of Domino as a medical marijuana strain would be that patients have experienced severe dry eyes and dry mouth. Other than that, the pros tend to outweigh the cons and attribute to solidifying Domino as an essential medication regimen.

Overall, Domino is a great strain choice if you are suffering from any of the aforementioned conditions above. However, the medicinal properties in this strain are so strong and beneficial that patients who suffer from conditions beyond those are more than welcome to become enlightened by Domino. If you are ever around your local medical marijuana dispensary and they have a nice batch of Domino in supply, I highly suggest that you give it a try. By combining the essential properties to maintain a great head high and lovely body sedation, this strain is definitely first-class.

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