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Double Bubble

Double Bubble cannabis is a Mostly Indica plant from Holland. breeder.

Double Bubble is an Indica-dominant medical marijuana strain that is the direct offspring of the cross genetics between Bubba Kush and Bubblegum. Typically, if you are a patient who has just received a batch of Double Bubble, you can immediately recognize the hairy and absolutely resin-coated buds. It has a very powerful high and an even more powerful taste that is meant to brighten the senses and leave patients feeling completely medicated. This is a very strong plant to cultivate and it has exceptional mold resistant properties that are not typically found in many plants. I've heard patients say that this is a must have for any garden!

As many Indica-dominant strains tend to be, Double Bubble portrays a very strong high that leaves you feeling completely relaxed. If smoking this strain out of a glass piece, one may recognize that the resin drip is completely unorthodox and in some cases may get you even higher. Patients who use this strain experience a very euphoric and comfortable high that has the potential to make you feel lazy, tired or couch locked. It is hard to escape the medicinal properties of an Indica such as Double Bubble, so if you are looking for a more active buzz then maybe this strain is not for you.

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