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Durban Poison

Durban Poison cannabis is a Mostly Sativa plant from South Africa. Dutch Passion Seedbank breeder.

Imported from South Africa, produced in Holland. Exclusively inbred, never hybridized, 100%
Sativa. Large long bud leaves, buds are also large and long with lots of resin. A sweet licorice or anise flavor. 'Up' high similar to Thai. High yields. Well suited for out crossing with late bloomers to prod uce earlier flowering. Also does very well under artificial light.
Specifications: ~ Flower: 8 -9 weeks ~ Harvest: end of Sept. ? Dutch Passion catalog

South African (called Durban Poison by some) is the most inconsistent or, more accurately, has the most strikingly different varieties of all marijuana originating from a single country? If you come across what is called South African or Durban Poison in the US, quite probably it originated from stock developed in the 1970's by breeders in the San Francisco Bay area?.The unnamed breeder had two primary concerns-high potency and early flowering-and he succeeded wonderfully with both goals. This stock is perfect for the indoor gardener no matter what the growing conditions. This Durb an Poison strain has broad leaf blades almo st like Afghani b ut long internodes like sativas.

Stigmas may be pure white, red, pink, or a delicate purple. Branches grow with differing lengths like Thai, and the profile may be from an eight foot ovoid down to a four-foot squat bush. This Durban is fast-growing, hardy, very early to mature, very potent, tastily sweet or spicy, and fragrant. What more could a grower ask? - Mel Frank

M3 Pinetown Durban South Africa Sativa. Known also as Durban Poison. A great high, similar to Thai. One of the earliest maturing o riginal Sativa's. Very suitable for making hybrid crosses. In Holland it flowers the second or third week of September (Outdoors). Taste is sweet. for 15. (Suitable for indoors/outdoors) - From the Super Sativa Seed Club Catalog 1987/1989

I was reading that a certain durban sold from a breeder is superior to the others sold from other breeders. No, Sensi is not the superior Durban (I think). Ask around, and make sure you buy the best strain of Durban. It is renowned for it's early flowering characteristic, it can go outdoors or indoors, and it offers the up sativa high in a fast flowerer. It is also very stable, so you can easily breed your own seed.- Big Bong

I bought some HBC durban (dutch passion) last winter and grew a very nice crop of their durb an 1/2 indoor and finished outdoor by mid-spring. a friend gave me 6 of his S.S.B. durban and i grew them out this summer and harvested about 4 weeks ago. both company's durban grew very similar but the HBC durban is wayyyy better. better taste and buzz anyway. even the aroma during growth was different. in my opinion, go with Dutch Passion's version and stay away from Sensi's on this one. I have nothing at all against Sensi Seed Bank but i and others who have sampled both ssb 's version and dutch passion's version agree that D.P.'s is much much better. both were grown in the same soil (except for the partial indoor life under 1000k hps along with 500k mh with the d.p. durb.) and all other possible grow conditions differences were eliminated. i.e. ....they grew under very similar conditions. s.s.b. is still at or near the top of seedbanks in my book but they kinda missed with this one. this, of course, is mostly just MHO but others agree too and maybe the ones who know what i'm talking about and hang here will put in their 2 cents worth before so meone orders and is unhappy a few months down the road. - durban grower

The trick is to not allow too much up ward growth- on node 7 or 8, pinch out. Take the bottom 2 branches of. You should be left with about 6 branches which will rapidly bush out to form a 'goblet' shape. These branches will, in turn, produce branches growing into centre of plant. These secondary branches should be cut back to about 3 or 4 nodes on the same day that flowering is started. Durban starts to flower very rapidly- you should see signs within a week. After about 10- 14 days, pinch main branch-tips of. These will have sho t upwards to form a crown that will no w fill out into colas. Final plant should be just over 2 foot from seed or 1.5 foot from cutting. High is totally unbelievable - its likethe first time you got stoned, but better- its clean, spacey, cerebral and euphoric. Yield is average, nothing a cash-cropper would be impressed about but for personal its fine.- Norweigian Wood

Mel Frank says that he knows the breeder in California that developed Durban Poison, and that it came from 2 females out of 16 grown from 1 variety out of six that came from South Africa. Only those two plants were worth a damn. What he doesn't say is that there must have been some other plants in the mix; a male, eh? He notes that genetics among growers in SA were already all jumbled up from the sources they had to draw on, so the claims that Durban is a pure sativa have to be taken with a grain of salt. - SCW

I'm trying some Durban from Aloha out right no w in SOG. I've harvested a small test clone from the female and it was good quality so I have a little sea of her going now.. 4 per foot in organics, mostly castings. She stretched more than I wanted or expected under the 1K Agrosun MH, I was aiming for 2 foot high at finish but will probably hit 2.5. You can train and prune and tie her all over but it won't change the node spacing which makes for the lankiness. Budding them around 6 to 8 inches, or 5 days of veg is about where I'd do it next time. The yield should be good, not great.. it won't be huge like a good indica, but weight has more to do with flowering times and amount of resin (how many cycles per year can you get, and resin weighs alot). I have no idea if these plants are even distant relatives of the seeds you might get. - ~shabang ~

I messed around with Durban in a 24" sog setup, and it just wouldn't work, but I did have one plant that stayed fairly short, so I cloned it for a mother and put it aside for some months. Recently I switched to scrog, and thought of the Durban, so I cloned it up and ran 5 of them under the screen in a 2 x 2' space with a 220 HPS conversion bulb. The Durban wanted to run a bit, but that was OK with the screen method. What I have now is a number of 4-8" flower spikes about the size of large cigars, and there has been no vertical stretching for a couple of weeks. I think it will mature nicely, which is good, as Durban is our #1 favorite day smoke. A bit spindly, yes, but I can live with that; this is not for production, just personal smoke. The moral may be that Durban can work in some inside environments, or maybe just the right Durban. Like I say, so far, so good.

It's 1 foot to the scrog screen and that gives me another foot until the tops are too close to the light. I may raise the screen a bit next time, as the longest Durban bud is 8 inches. I let the Durban grow until it nearly filled up the scrog screen (not exactly a scientific process), and that took about 3-4 weeks from the rooted clones. Sorry, I don't keep a log book or anything like that, so I'm guessing to some extent.

From the time the lights went to 12 hours, the Durban looks to finish about 8 weeks. That's sooner than I thought, and I'm basing it on the proportion of white to brown hairs, never actually having Durban go all the way. Outside I had to harvest it early due to mold. I think I'll let it go two more weeks, while I'm away on vacation, to see if it puts on some weight, which will be about 9 weeks from lights out. The sweet indica being grown in the same air chamber is already dead ripe.

One thing about Durban; it's very prone to mold. I recommend denuding all the stalks beneath the screen and using a fan to provide air flow to that area. I lost several stalks to mold before I opened up the dead space.

Oh, and one last thing. Remember, I tried Durban sog last year, and it sucked. I had to pull them all out and start over. It was just this one Durban that seemed to have the potential to stay small that I saved, and it turns out to be ideally suited to scrog. I can't pro mise other Durbans will work out. -cha cal

I grew out sensi durban. Potency on a 1 to 10 a solid four. Very pretty plant but not practical to grow. And too many males. No soaring sativa high. - seedydive

I`ve just grown out the durban from sensi....this seed came in original sensi packaging but it was bought when sensi had the buy 1 get 1 free sale going on....I`ve never grown any other "brand" of durban so I cant compare...potency is the biggest disappointment from what I`ve had. early maturity was nice, coming in at Sept 20th ....the high did not pick me "up"...a mild sativa high... - straydog

I grew Dutch Passion's versio n. It's not worth paying for. From what I hear, the Sensi isn't much better. That is if you?re looking for a pure sativa with an anise flavour. My plants looked like tall indicas. I'm not saying that the plants were absolute crap, just that they were not worth the a seed I paid. Paying .50 per blueberry seeds had more value. They were good enough and uniform enough that I've selected the non hermie plants to create backup seed before I dump the lot.

I think the wild bank in Africa would be the best source. With any luck, I'll have some co ming in the mail any day. I saw so me pics of traditio nal durban leaves at lyceum. Dutch Passion's were not close. -Vic High

Today I tasted some Durban Poiso n for the first time. The plant was not mature yet, all pistils still white on day 60 of 12/12. Durban has a very clear energetic high for me with almost no body. About 90% head, 10% or less body. The aroma is sweet, like tai. It looks a bit like tai also, but much fluffier and less size to the calyxes. It is fun to talk on, go out in public, and energetic. I can see now why many old-timers like it. Personally it is a nightmare in ScrOG/indoors and I would not recommend the physical characteristics. It stretches like crazy, and the buds are very fluffy and airy. the colas also fall over before they finish. the colas continue to stretch well into the 2 nd month of bloom. I do not know why it is touted as an early variety. The head is great, but I think a cross to Skunk to increase densityand resin is in order. - Splif Lipsit

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