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Durban/Thai cannabis is a Mostly Sativa plant from South Africa/Thailand. S.S.S.C. breeder.

M8 A Thai strain inbred for 4 generations crossed with our Durban South Africa sativa. Very sweet resinous buds. The high is very strong and up. One of our own favorites. Harvest outdoors: the second week of Oct. Suitable for indoor growing as well - S.S.S.C. seedbank catalog 1980s

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Posted: MrSoul at 05 Nov 11
I recently got my hands on seeds from my FAVOURITE SSSC strain - Durban/Thai. I have 5 healthy seedlings going as we speak (5/7 germed from 11-year-old seeds). I grew a whole room full of these babies about ten years ago and they were SO KILLER, with the kind of SICKLY-SWEET, DANK scent and flavour that makes your mouth resinous that the joint would be BROWN by the time you’d smoked HALF of it. It had this "evil" scent like rotten meat when you broke up a bud. I'm going to be crossing Durban/Thai with a Haze hybrid I'm developing over the course of 1999. I'm really excited about this project!

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