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Early Pearl

Early Pearl cannabis is a Mostly Sativa plant from California. Sensi Seed Bank breeder.

Mostly Sativa with excellent potency. Sweet, resinous and mold resistant. A popular outdoor variety.

Ed Rosenthal says Early Pearl came from the Midwest, but was a cross of Early Girl and Polly, an early California sativa.

I've grown this both inside and out. If you do a search, you'll probably find some previous posts that I've written on this type; In brief, it is effectively pure sativa (though actually has early girl crossed in, very recessive in all respects). Inside and out, it likes to grow large. Stretch continues right through flowering, which was a respectable 8 weeks (the only virtue carried over from early girl). Buds are thin, green, sweet and sharp smell, very good sativa high- quite psychoactive (trippy?). Little paranoia, very long high. Unless you grow very big plants, yield is low, as could be expected from such a plant. At present I'm having great trouble with my EP mother- it has decided to auto-flower. After re-potting the 10-inch plant into a 1.75 gallon container, re-vegging started, but now it looks like it's going to go back into flower again (this is on 24/0). Root mass is HUGE. - retro13

I grew EP last year for the first time. I didn't get them to maturity, because of three or four major fukups by me, along with a VERY wet autumn, so my yield was almost nil. I planted out on June-1, they suffered a couple of frosts during which some purple showed. I planted them out after sexing on 12/12, which I wouldn't do now, because once these plants start to flower, they don?t like re-vegging, so a confused bunch of semi-flowering plants was the result. Water soluble slug pellets resulted in the plants being eaten to one foot tall bare stems soon after. I reverted to my other type of (non-soluble) slug-pellet and the damage stopped. One plant re-grew in veg form, the others continued in semi-flower. Something odd happened then- which you should take note of- I had 18" to 2' chicken wire fences around each plant, but somehow some bastard rabbits ate the newly growing plants (this was early July)- rabbits that could CLIMB FENCES!. I created a 'goblet' effect outwards around the top of the wire-tube, and this stopped the damage. Having been eaten back to about 18" in early July, the plants reached about 6' by week-1 Oct. During the whole summer, there was no single week that they were not rained on VERY heavily, and for the last month of their lives they were in perpetual cloud/100% moisture. Only one plant showed any signs of mold (and this one showed only small patches)- which I was extremely pleased with.

They're funny plants when it comes to cuttings. They seem to be much slower to take than most, but the huge amount of vigor that is inherent in the breed means that the cuts don't die- they just hang around and don't do much. I took cuttings of my over-wintering mother which took about 3 weeks to take- during this time, the cuts didn?t look ill, and didn?t grow, they just 'existed'. The mother plant doesn't do well indoorsmine seemed to get freaked out and started to flower. It flowered though most of winter, then suddenly decided to revert, I don't know why.

The smoke is good- smooth, sweet, menthol/lemony. It has a lot of central and south American Sativa in its ancestry. The high is long lasting and 'happy'- a day-time smoke. The buds are long and thin. I noticed two phenotypes (ratio 14:2)- 14 plants had broad, long leaves, high vigor, high yield; 2 were much shorter (finishing at 4-5'), more compact, started flowering earlier, but didn?t mature as well, more susceptible to mold, thinner leaves. Some of the large phenotype flowered with pistils the color of pink-grapefruit.

Its not the easiest plant I've grown, and this may account for why its not more common, but its well worth it. It definitely is mold resistant beyond any doubt. These plants get the yield from the size of the plant, not the density of the buds, so try to ensure a good size by July, and DONT pinch it out. I'm hoping for 3 or 4 ounces per plant this year- I've put them into my best patch. - retro13

A FOAF grew Early Pearl for a couple of years. it's nice and versatile. a foaf grew some in and out. indoors in rockwool under a 400w it yields a/ just <1 oz. at 3 ft. by topping them. outdoors its close to 1 lb. at 6 ft. finish around the end of September out, 8 weeks in. A foaf think the plant is a mix of sativa/indica. It has longer node spacing than you may like indoors like a sativa, but it grows fat wide fans like an indica. the high is kind of mixed too, a little spacey, followed by complete body freeze. its nice... - cuz

I have a strain grown here for at least 10 years. I believe its Early Pearl due to the description in the Sensi catalog. Inbreed for many generations, but no signs of wackyness!! Some variety in height, but for the most part short, very bushy and branchy. Thick medium length bus with many crystals. Has thin sativa type leaves however. High is excellent as well as flavor, sort of sweet but not fruity. Does very well outside and is the best strain I ever seen for indoor production. Very fast to bud, 6 weeks to 7+. The mother I picked finishes in less than seven weeks. A 12" plant put into 12/12 will only stretch to 20-22", but many side branches. I have White Widow which I like slightly better for taste and high (maybe from years of smoking the former) but the yield of the EP? is 3 times that of the WW and in 6-7 wks not 8 wks. I would like to get a backup of this strain if I knew what it was so I could reintroduce some of the possibly lost genes. However, it looks fantastic after all this time. If this is EP, many don't know what they're missing, cause this is THE strain for quick, crystally dense nugs. I don't know why it doesn?t have a more known reputation!!! -green hornet

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