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Five-in-One cannabis is a Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis mix plant from Holland. breeder.

The strain called "5 in one" was my favorite. Very high calyx to leaf ratio. There was hardly any trimming to do on these awesome buds!!! It was all bud I swear to ya!!! They reached maturity at about 15 inches and each plant had many medium size nugs. The stems on these babies were strangely thin, so thin that as they were growing up I thought they were going to suck. I used shiskabob sticks to hold the buds up though and the closer they were held to the light, the denser and bigger the bud was. The smell was awesome, definitely something fruity. The taste was great too, actually the first time I can say I actually could feel the different taste of this awesome strain. These babies yielded almost a Z a piece so needless to say I am hap py with them. - James Hetfield

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