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Great White Shark

Great White Shark cannabis is a Mostly Indica plant from Holland. Arjan, Green House Seed Co. breeder.

Taste: The fruitiness of the Indicas with a strong presence of the widow and skunk tastes.

Smell: A rich fragrance of flowers and fruits with the odour of a White Shark.

Visuals: Orange haired fullness of the super skunk that glistened in the crystal rain of its widow father origins.

Touch: The thick, densely crystallized cola are sticky and solid -just like the original parents.

Stone: Seductive high feeling, that has the streng th of the jaws of his namegiver.

Family Heritage: A cross between a Super Skunk and a White Widow.

Vegetative Time: For indoors a suggested minimum of 2 - 4 weeks. For outside germinate May or by the end of spring.

Flowering Time: For indoors a suggested time of 8 weeks. For outside, it will be ready early autumn. A substantial yield will be expected.

Achievements: 2nd - Place - BIO-Award 1997, 2nd - Place - Cannabis Cup 1997

There is something so enchanting about the way the buds have formed on these plants. Like not so little snow cones sitting delicately atop their verdant, leafy bases. Like the plants belong in a Japanese Garden or something! And one thing I have noticed. The skunkiness that accompanied the beginning of flowering has pretty much dissipated entirely at this point. The floral clusters now have a divine aroma to them; something like fresh wintergreen. And the resin crystals are starting to coat both the calyxes and the subtending leaves. Yummy. I really like these plants, can you tell? Someone was wondering ab out stretching with this cross. They are not small plants for sure. More like moderately big with significant but not unmanageable internode lengthening during the first four weeks o f flo wering. I know this is impressionistic, b ut they are too far along in their develop ment to give you a retrospective percentage of the stretch to the original seedling size at the time flowering was initiated.

Cloning is super easy with GWS and the slips grow like wildfire. It is an ideal plant for double - stemming. I look forward to sampling the final product which I understand ripens fully in about sixty days. It will also be interesting to see how much more bud growth occurs in the final fifteen days of flowering. -Moose

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