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Haze #19

Haze #19 cannabis is a Mostly Sativa plant from California/Holland. Positronics breeder.

Haze 19 x Skunk seed-strain is a powerful Haze hybrid with many desirable qualities. This mostly-Sativa cannabis variety has a significantly greater yield than a normal Haze and is faster to mature. It tends to finish quite tall and often produces leaves with 11 or 13 blades when allowed to grow to full size.

Haze 19 x Skunk is a balanced f1 hybrid which has inherited many of the prized growing qualities of Skunk #1 - including improved vigour and denser flower clusters - while retaining the dreamy, heady Haze high.

Haze 19 x Skunk's buds have an aroma and flavour with more sweet-fruity elements than other Haze hybrids.

"Haze seeds were bought from Martijn, the heir apparent to Wernerd.s genetics of Positronics fame.

Current "haze" was said to be a descendant of the legendary cutting "rescued" by Neville at the Seed Bank, so I decided to take a chance.

Germination on Haze was poor (6 out of 10), not surprising as seeds looked almost lettuce green, three showed female, no hermaphroditic tendencies detected.

Phenotype was a surprise (even when Martijn said that this "haze" was of the #19 lineage "lightly" crossed with a short node, short flowering indica for manageability), quite indica dominant: small leaves, up to five medium-width short fingers, very light green, overall kind of "tender" looking. Very sensitive plant to minor variations in nutrient availability, short plant with sparse foliage.

The female that was selected for cloning was VERY short, very OILY and with an unusual smell... in between cellophane and grapes (imagine simultaneously smelling the clear plastic covering a new audio CD and Welch?s concord grape juice, and you?ll have a close idea). High was intense, UP, heartracing, but not overwhelming (never over indulged it though, to avoid possible paranoia). Not a tremendous yield, averaging 1 oz for each 2.5 feet finished clone (clones easily), buds very oily, not dense but not fluffy either, under two 400 MHs., in a soil recipe closely resembling BCGA "supersoil" mix. Miracle Grow (vegetative) and Peters (flowering) in the fertilizer dept.

The reference to #19 in this case is just the number this particular Haze seedling is known under, its "Haze #19", no connection to Peak #19. The original Haze cutting (according to Martijn) was superstrong but in order to develop a seedline it had to be crossed with some male and reportedly today has 13% indica in it.

This "Haze #19" plant is definitely NOT what you would expect phenotype-wise (looks indica), but on the other hand the high is trippy and has almost NO body, the color of the leaves is pale green, has no skunk odor at all (fruity when growing, spicy "Vicks vapo rub" when cured), it is finicky about its feeding regimen (it immediately goes yellow)... all traits that one does not associate with Indica. Not a "wonder" plant, I would rate it 7.5 overall, but its a compact plant, short in height and flowering time, and you still get a sativa-style of high with an agreeable, non-skunky taste. Good breeding material, good structure and flowering time, with a respectable high." - Adam Tripper

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