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Haze cannabis is a Sativa plant from California, USA. Nevil breeder.

Haze is the most difficult and challenging of any strain, perhaps Thai sativas also. Haze takes a long time, in a recent interview Ben Dronkers said a true Haze takes 8 months to flower! Yow! In fact, Haze seeds are very pale, never dark. A seeded Haze takes upwards of 16 - 20 weeks for good seeds. The high is pulse racing, I would say even paranoid. In fact, I have reservations about recommending Haze, because I have seen irregular behavior in some of its regulars. I think Haze is extremely powerful and cannot be used casually, because it plays to deep emotions is what I have observed. That said, it also makes a difficult cross because often a cross with Haze imparts the Haze flowering time and modest yield but not its intense & dominating high. Ideal crosses would see the Haze stone with a quicker delivery, but in my opinion Haze does not cross indicas well, its better suited to a sativa, whether that be a Skunk (as in Super Silver Haze) or another. I prefer the sativa high of a Durban, Hawaiian Sativa, Sensi Skunk, Joker's Haze/Skunk (not a replica of any Dutch strain). I must say Willy Jack is busy trying to find the perfect Haze cross, as he has crossed Haze with Black Domina, Big Bud, Jack Herer, Early Girl, Hindu Kush, William's Wonder, and maybe others I've forgot in order to find the perfect cross, maybe take the 'edge' off the Haze as well as the desirable quickening of flowering. - Marc Emery

Good luck finding pure haze, I sure didn't get it. My success was planting 6 seeds from Positronics through Jock, kept them in the fridge until germ, and got a 50% germination rate. Of the 3, one turned to be a beautiful male, with a sativa/indica profile, but nice internode lengths, medium green medium wide leaves, heavily serrated. Collected the pollen.... The other two turned out hermie like, one very hermie which unloaded its pollen on some others, the other which a few days before harvest started showing weird misshapen male parts in the midst of the female flowers. The calyxes were very purple as well as the underneath of the small, wide, dark green bud leaves - very indica looking. No pollen released on this one. Am I disappointed? You bet. Had visions of pollinating a real, pure, sativa haze with some of my babes. From everything I've read, haze has been bastardized by the Dutch, it's no longer pure. You don't know what you're getting until you've "groaned" it out.

Being a little cynical, I don't think I'm going to order from overseas anymore. Read another post that the haze another grower got from Homegrown Fantaseeds was very afghan like. Heard also that Positronics, Dutch Passion and Homegrown are all affiliated, so, if I were ordering from of these banks and they all had the "same" strain, I would go with the best price. Homegrown is able to up its prices based on the awards won on some of its stock at the Cup. This kind of crap will eventually hurt the Dutch. A lot of their stuff is prone to herms, a big negative as far as I'm concerned. Think their interest lies in profits rather than breeding out rotten genotypes. If I am paying to a seed, I want a first class product, with no misrepresentation from some flowery ads. Unfortunately we can't turn to the BBB to claim.

Be sure to ask your distributor if he will guarantee his stock as the real deal. - Uncle Ben Dejo

I know which one not to buy. I grew Homegrown Fantaseed's Haze and it had no potency what so ever. It looks to be a Haze/indica F1 with the indica being very dominant in the high. I have a bunch of seeds from it that may or may not be worth growing out. In closing, don't bother with this version of Haze. - RedDevil

I have tried HGF's Haze. It most certainly is not the real deal. There is a lot of indica bred into it. I'm not sure if there is any real original Haze in it at all or if they just called it Haze for sales reasons. It grew well, cloned easily and even had a great pineapple smell. The potency on the other hand was not there at all Sativa/indica or otherwise. Don't do it. -RedDevil

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