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Haze#19 x Skunk#1

Haze#19 x Skunk#1 cannabis is a Mostly Sativa plant from Holland. Positronics breeder.

I would strongly suspect that this hybrid, despite it being carried by Dutch Passion, Homegrown Fantaseeds and Positronics, originates in a single breeding operation (same exact genes, regardless of source), since all three seed companies have been consolidated under one owner. Which helps explain why all three seed companies claim the hybrid has won a Cannabis Cup prize for them.

Hehe... sounds like a strong sativa. I have a Haze19Xskunk#1 (positronics) that kicks out bud with a distinct 'heart racing' feeling. This bud keeps me wide awake. Zero to LSD in two tokes. This may be of interest to those wishing to grow killer sativa outside and have it mature. I grew Haze #19 from TAC and had 80% of the plants start flowering after 3 months regardless of day length. I have no explanation for this but I talked to Mike at TAC and he said that this is common with Haze #19 which is very variable. We are still getting 14 hours of daylight and my Haze has been flowering for two months. It is typical Haze potency but you need to be fairly experienced to grow it properly unless you have a good location. The reason being that it grows very tall and spindly and it also grows very fast. - Dynamite

I grew a haze19 X skunk#1 strain I got from jock, and enjoyed growing this strain. The resin it produces is delicious in odor ... sugary & citrus. The high from the buds is strong! The plants were harvested in about 55 days. The scissor hash was incredible. With the 2 out of 10 ten females I grew, I didn't locate a plant worthy of the strain corral. The yields weren't too good with this plant. I'm very happy with my new indica strains now. I've had some totally meditative smoking sessions with the shishkeberry ... detailed closed eye visuals while relaxing, ahh! that's my kinda' weed. Good luck with the haze X skunk... if you can find a good yielder, it'd be a great strain. I let my haze X skunk plant go, but I crossed it with a shishk male to try and make a worthy hybrid ... -Shiva

Bank: Positronics
Supplier: Jock

Started with 10 seeds, all 10 germinated and sprouted. Had 6 females and 4 males with this variety all but one practically identical. They grew and looked like clones from the same Ma and they grew well.

No males were kept after indicating sex, probably a mistake. This variety was a pleasant surprise with yield and especially buzz, what a buzz.

Of the 6 females 5 of them were just about identical in growth both during veg and flowering. They had leaves somewhere between the indica dark and sativa light green with midsize width blades. The one loner plant showed its differences during flowering. While the majority had bud covering most of the stem this one grew nuggets at the nodes, thick tight ones.

Because they were so similar in growth just three were kept to be grown from clones. They were all worthy mothers though. As a matter of fact if you had to or wanted to do a seed crop from plants grown out in Jr. as of now these would be a better choice than even my favorite the NL x Shiva because of the uniformity. NL x Shiva also from Posi

5- This one was the highest of the yielders and came in third in buzz with the plants that were killed off. Not a distant third just third. The plant matured in approximately 8 weeks. This ma actually has production potential based on what has been seen so far.

6- This baby was the lowest of the yielders but came in a strong second in buzz. It also finished in approximately 8 weeks.

10- This was the rebel of the bunch. Difference in growth weren?t that noticeable during veg but this plant showed its colors during flowering. The others had bud formation up and down the stem while this one grew chunky buds at every node. This made for a longer manicure but it was worth it since this plant has the best buzz at this time by a noticeable margin. It?s probably the best weed in the stable right now even while still a pup. This was an 8 to 9 week baby. It's at the very least good enough for a head to head with the current champs Top 44 and NxS right now.

Aroma: Kind of a slight skunky smell on the sweet side. Nothing offensive nothing overpowering, but fairly strong. Double bag when carrying stink without doubt.

Buzz Well above average. Ah what the heck.

This chit is nice.

Semi couch-lock with a kick is the best I can do. Not couch lock but could be, not sativa intense but it has an edge plus it creeps up on ya. You get a buzz and feel like that's it, next thing ya know. You're not grinning you're smiling 61514 At this early age the buzz is in the same class as the older plants in the stable Top 44 and NL x Shiva. Imagination knows how the buzz will be when the plants are older.

The oddball - 10 u with the superior buzz has more of an edge and leans towards a sativa side more than the other two. The weed already has a nickname- Sunshine Weed; the buzz is better in the sun. I guess it?s because the edge is taken off some with the sun beating on ya bean and it all works out to a good thing, very good. Can't be explained you?ll have to do it. One last note.. This weed rings some bells from days gone by

Taste: Distorted by feeding- nothing to write about nothing to bitch about. Good but not great. Yield 5 has production potential and was kept for that reason. The yield from the others was at least average. As a whole taking all plants into consideration yield was better than average and there is a possibility of all getting much better with time and choice of method used to grow em. Good ScrOG potential with this strain.

Comments: The day this is puffed when it?s older will be a great day I'm sure. Also curious to see how the yield compares to the rest of the stable. If it gets just a tad bit better in the buzz department with age this will be the new stone champ without doubt. It could be already NL x Shiva is dusting off the belt for transfer. - flick

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