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Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush cannabis is a Indica plant from Northern India, Pakistan. Sensi Seed Bank breeder.

Pure Indica, one of the most constant kind. Best start for anyone who wants to grow his own Indica. Hash like taste, large firm buds, above average yield.

Specifications: ~ Flower: 8 weeks

I've grown Hind u Kush 3 times and it's a beautiful but extremely stinky plant. If the laws were different I'd really like the smell, but the odor of the Kush is difficult to control even with ozone ... so much in fact that my paranoia has banished it from my garden. Great yielder ... more than average, excellent hash producer. After working on the garden I'd always have to take a shower to get all the resin off my arms from leaning over plants etc. Hindu Kush is a great way to earn the nickname 'skunky' ... Kush smells a whole lot more like a skunk than Skunk#1 (smells sweet to me).

The Hindu-Kush from Sensi averages about 2.5 to 3 oz's of sticky, sweet, grape smelling bud per plant. It starts flowering the first week of August and is ready by the third week of September here in the Midwest.

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