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Jack Flash

Jack Flash cannabis is a Sativa/Indica plant from Holland. Sensi Seed Bank breeder.

Jack Flash does go a bit long in the flowering, it grows in two types one very Sat/Haze influenced, tall 5'-6' with huge "Heads on Sticks" that dried at over 1 oz. each! there were 5 of them on one lady in a 5 gal pot, she took about 76 days, but was worth every day. The other type grows very Indica-like, there was one special lad y like this type, that was very fruity with a nice trippy high that gave way to a indica high after the first hour and the indica-dom. takes about 60 days to flower, also very well worth the wait, several connoisseurs said that it was amo ngst the best Indica they had ever smo ked, and the taste cured is fantastic. And the strain is very easy to take care of. It was really nice, and it yields great in both forms. Out of 7-8 different strains grown Romberry and Jack Flash are definite repeats, as they are both in the Veg closet again. There's really only one place to get Sensi stock (IMO) but the price is OK considering they give ya 16 beans, in that respect there only a/b 5$ each. Sorry for the long post but its a favorite and I wanted to give ya my $.02. - Budm

Afoaf has grown and continues to grow Jack Flash, its a great strain, although variable, IMO the variations are unique and all are quality in there own way. Here's the way the first grow went, 3 ladies were in pots of BCGA's Super Soil recipe, there were 3 different ladies, one was in a 5 gal pot she was a haze dominated phenotype, she grew out in a "heads on stick" fashion, big huge heads, she was toped once at the 6 node, she grew into 6 big heads, each dried to 20-35 grams she yielded just over 5 oz's, of great tasting wake and bake, uplifting sativa smo ke. Another lad y was sort of the runt, she was in a 3 gal pot also pinched at the 6th node, she had more of a indica phenotype, nice tight colas with red pistils, great smoke very fruity, but yield was bad, at about 20 grams. The 3rd lady was awesome, also in a 3 gal pot, pinched at the 6th node, she grew the densest nugs, smelled like lemon, tasted like lemon/hash, and the high was awesome, trippy and thought provoking, but its best attribute was its wonderful taste, she yielded about 1.5 oz. All said I really like this strain. The haze influenced lady was crossed with a Posi Big Bud in hopes of bring down its size (5.5') and flower time 63 days under 80 watts/s.f. of mixed spectrum light. -Budm

This is a really good plant. it finished at 50 days has a lemon taste/ with a peppery aftertaste. High is UP with no sleepiness. I was afraid that it would be too similar to my Cinderellas due to their background, but the Jack Flash is very different in taste and high. jack flash is lemony and Cindy is like pineapple . one is sweet while the other is sour. The only drawback is an increased paranoia level. The up high does also create a slightly discomforting "edge" , but Its mixed in with a lot of laughing (which I like), and creativity (strange but intriguing ideas), aphrodisiac effect ( a must, he he)and yield (big calyxy buds) I highly recommend this for someone looking for an up high, lemon taste, and good yield. - Triage

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