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Kali Mist (a.k.a. Western Winds)

Kali Mist (a.k.a. Western Winds) cannabis is a Mostly Sativa plant from Medical: Multiple SclerosisOregon, USA. DJ Short breeder.

Specifications: Sativa
Flower: 70-77 days (63-65 days in actual reports)
Yield: 275-425 grams/m2,
Height: 1.2-1.5m.

Serious smokers know, pure Sativa is a smooth smoking experience not soon forgotten. Kali is a superb Sativa with a high calyx-to-leaf ratio, and long running tops that produce full, fluffy buds. Expect this goddess to produce a high resin content with spiral buds that carry an extremely spicy scent. Kali Mist won the 1st Place Cannabis Cup in High Times 1995 hydro competition, and is the personal stash for expert gardeners!

Kali Mist from Serious Seeds was another winner (at the 1996 Cannabis Cup) in the judges' opinion. It had a high-energy, uplifting high that could cut through a dissipating high from a previous smoke. I smoked one joint(not Kali) one night at about 11 p.m., another at 2.00 a.m. and then Kali at 4.00 a.m. A few tokes of Kali cut right through my fatigue and fog, energizing me enough so that I couldn't sleep. With my eyes closed, I saw colors and patterns the likes of which I haven't experienced from marijuana in the last decade.

Judging from the bud's appearance, Kali appears to have much Southeast Asian character. The buds are nowhere as full or weighty as any of the other samples. I suspect if it were grown outdoors, maturation would not be complete until very late in the year.

I grew Kali Mist ancestral stock in the early 80's in Oakland and those plants matured in late November, and into December. The looser, somewhat feathery buds of Kali Mist would present a problem for indoor growers looking for weighty buds. Despite these shortcomings, I liked it very much -it was my favorite high- and if I were to grow for personal stash, I would grow Kali. -Mel Franc, High Times Magazine, May 1997

I got to smoke some KM bud this week (sent to a friend from a friend) The taste is every thing they say - floral, spicy with a funky stank that I've only tasted in types that come from the land of Aloha. BUT I would only rate the high at 7-7.5 AND it took 14 WEEKS to finish!! - greenbear

I have clones from two females that I'm growing for the second time, so I can relate my experiences to those who are curious about this strain. I got my seeds from Serious Seed Co., which is the bank reputed to sell the authentic article. I read Mel Frank's review of Kali Mist in a sidebar article of High Time's Cannabis Cup a couple of years ago. He gave the description (and provided a matching picture) of a VERY Sativa-dominant strain that sounded quite like Original Haze. However, when I grew the seeds out, I got a hybrid which looked like a NL#5 had been crossed with the plant Mel described. The leaves were wide and the colas long and dense...only the individual floral clusters growing off the sides of the colas looked "kind of" Sativa-influenced. The flavour and scent are spicy and delicious - the high's very pleasant, but not outrageous. The yield is GOOD, as the colas are rock-solid, but the flowering period is an awkward 9 ½ weeks! - MrSoul

(The Dutch) have bred some excellent strains which have become popular, the best example is Kali Mist, only to be ruined by back-crossing to an Afghani (presumably to increase yield). Something similar happened to Sensi's Durban.

That's my personal "pet peeve" of the Dutch strains. Once a strain is established and made commercially available, it should remain the same. Or, if the breeders change the genetics, it MUST be advertised as such or else it's fraud. Serious Seeds has never (to my knowledge) admitted that the Kali Mist seeds they're selling now are NOT the original genetics...but many of us here know that today's Kali Mist is 50% Afghani. - MrSoul

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