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KC36 cannabis is a Indica plant from Holland. KC Brains breeder.

I grew KC 36 from KC Brains, it is a very unstable strain, out of 30 seeds I got 2 good plants, I could discern 3 "varieties" one has very fluffy Buds and small calyxes, this one you can forget. Another one has extreme big calyxes but very few. The "real one" has big calyxes and extremely big buds and is a very good yielder. One of the good plants tends to get Bud rot cause of the massive Buds, the other is not so tight.

They start to flower immediately after you turn the lights to 12/12 (about 5 Days). Flowering time app. 50 days. Take care that the mothers do not start flo wering, give them 20 hours light, my most promising plant just started flowering under 16 hrs lig ht. Resin production is only strong in so me plants. The real one should have a honey like smell. Cant think of anything else rig ht now.

I am not sure myself if I should keep them, I got the seeds as a present. I would not buy a strain that is unstable like this myself- cause I might even have been lucky that I got the 2 good plants - you might buy 20 Seeds and it is all crap, and you don't catch the "hybrid vigor" super plant. I suspected from the look and feel of the good ones that they might be Jack Herer stolen from Sensi and being F2 Hybrids from commercial Sensi F1 Seeds they are more unstable than Jack Herer, and J.H. is very unstable. But its just a guess. Yield is very good - High is good. If you decide to try this strain out look out for a mother with these huge fat flowering growths where each flower or calyx is really fat, and the Colas are fat. Leaves do get resinous but not as much as with other varieties like NL or WW. Look for resin production and big calyxes.

If you choose the Kush you get a stable strain-but yield is mediocre. The KC 36 high is between Indica and Sativa, but nice no sativa "thinking in circles". few things are nice very fast start of flowering, explosive bud formation, short flowering period, high yield. - Baron

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