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Leda Uno

Leda Uno cannabis is a Sativa/Indica plant from Holland. KC Brains breeder.

Flower: 6-9 weeks
Harvest: end of September

This variety is a sativa/indica cross (a hybrid of a KC 33 male and a Brazilian female). A superior plant with lemonlike aroma.

There are a few Dutch hybrids that might qualify that smoke up like a sativa and grow like a indica, well sort of, no thing really grows like a sativa except a sativa. Some of those Dutchies are a great compromise between a high " high " and something that finishes in months not seasons. Search any of the Dutch seed bank home pages and zero in on any hybrid with 60% or more sativa in it e.g. kc33, Leda Uno etc. and that should do the trick. You can grow full-blooded sativas indoors but it takes forever and I mean forever. Leda Uno has leaves on the thin sativa side, big fat indy type colas, finishes fast (for a sat. dominated type), cheap seed price, excellent for indoors or out and the high is like good champagne, an uppy, energetic, talky, happy and a very intelligent buzz. It?s the type of smoke that makes you want to get up and do something, not just eat chocolate and channel surf in a horizontal position. Everyone has his or her favorite and Leda's mine. Easy to grow, pretty as a pin-up and great for close, packed-in, SOG type growing, but the high is what will grab you, women love it !!! etc. a real daytime smoke. It used to be available in a/dam @ Interpolm opposite the train station, but I?ve seen it at other seed resellers there. Recently (this year) I?ve heard they were out of stock but maybe they have it in now? But if you can get it, d o so. If you are used to those heavy, sleep y, valium type lows that some full blooded indys give you, you like it even more, sort of like Colombian marching powder in a green so rt of way.

Originally bought at.... Interpolm in Amsterdam in July '96, although I saw it available at several coffeeshops and seed sellers through out the city, a year and a half later. I thought I better tell you where I bought it so if you get a bad lot and hate it; come fall, you wont hate me if your versio n is a sub-standard one! If memory serves me correctly (hmmmmmmm!) its an indoor/outdoor variety (an easy plant to grow), supposedly lemon scented (then again I?m nasally challenged), doesn?t seem to have any skunk genes in it (rare for a Dutchie), excellent for close together, one stalker growing if untipped and forced to flower at a short height it will have one big cola (topping seems to reduce yield not increase it unless it is done at a very young age). I hope you get the same genes that I got, you'll be happy. try to do a seed crop (male Leda Uno x fem Leda Uno ) and have lots of seeds to play with , give away and breed , I wish I did ! (I crossed them with other Dutchies and local sativas trying to get something stronger, bigger and better), its got that smooth Dutch taste, very cool and up high, indica growth pattern, sativa leaves and high ...there are lots of Dutch sativa/indica varieties available...silver pearl, NL x haze, early pearl, kc33 etc and most will give excellent results. You seem to be growing lots of indica dominated varieties so you might not be so dazzled by its finishing date as I was, at the time, I had only grown Thai and other south east Asian full blooded sativas, not Dutchies, so a 60 day flowering stage passes like a blink compared to those equatorial types, if I was going on a seed buying trip I'd buy strains like Cali orange and any of the pearls or any strain that is fast and sativa dominated. - insider

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