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Malawi cannabis is a Sativa plant from Lake Malawi, Tanzania. breeder.

Malawi is the spaciest smoke I've ever had. I used to have this thing that happened a few times as a teenager where I'd get so me killer smoke from AFOAF that would literally make me blind for 2 0 minutes to a half hour within 10 minutes of smoking it, a little too much too quick. Malawi is that kind of smoke. Its like your still there but vision changes to lights and shadows and sounds become muted. You will see flashes of light and things in your peripheral vision will catch your eyes. The high was fast without all the physical sensations of the indicas. Darkest leaves I've ever seen, almost look black. I pulled em at 75 days with 20-30% could have went another month to round out the buzz. Yield was similar to Durban, not much but worth the wait if that's what you like. For me it's the kind of smoke you'd take out to get a reaction and they will vary, it's too much if overdone. - Frank

AFOAF grew hers out when Greenthumb first brought them out last year. Leaves were enormous and the darkest green(looked black) I've ever seen. Took em unfinished at 85 days(20% turned). This is definitely personal head stash and one to take out for special occasion. The high was like tripping for me, lots of visual effects and somewhat short lived. I made the mistake of smoking an indica shortly after coming down fro m the Malawi and I could n't move fo r a couple of hours. Can be a typical unruly sativa to grow requiring lots of attention. Worth the effort if that?s what you're looking for, I prefer a more rounded and much mellower buzz. - Frank

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