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Master kush

Master kush cannabis is a Indica plant from India/Holland. Dutch Passion breeder.

A F1 cross between two different Hindu-kush strains. Yield is high. Excellent taste and strong high. One of our favourites - Dutch Passion seedbank catalog

This light-green colored bud has dark forest-green leaves protruding and is covered in long hairs that range in color from bright orange to almost white (mostly strawberry-blonde). The scent is sweet and citrusy with green bio-y undertones. The taste, however, is surprisingly mild for this fairly strong-scented bud. It almost doesn't even have a taste besides the general burnt bud (brown) taste. It is also non-expansive in the lungs. The high is mildly visual with a light head-change. Homepage Amsterdam

My personal experience with MasterKush, grown naturally under mostly-controlled conditions, outdoors: a rather long finish time (mid-late October) and can grow very tall, even in a 5 gal. pot. Huge plants when grounded. I live in the desert so mold has never been a prob for me but these buds are unusually thick and long so I would expect mold probs in a more humid climate. (but that's just a guesstimate) The stone is not toooo intense but definitely longer lasting than most and IMHO, well worth the space and time (if you can get by the potential mold prob). Very smooth and mellow flavor too. Not a major aroma producer while growing either. - Mohave Green

The only strain that I have that I can for sure say came from the breeders and not a reseller is MasterKush from Dutch Passion and the seeds were given to me by a friend who purchased them in a-dam. He gave me 5, all were female (lucky eh?) and all grew very uniformly, I kept the best 2 and have had them now for about 6 months and every clone set has gotten stronger in potency as now the plant is mature...the plant matches all pictures of master Kush I've been able to locate on the web.... the high unfortunately is way to o physical for me as it will knock me d own if I take 2 hits, like I tried to go a couple rounds with Mike Tyson.... I much rather prefer the high of a sativa dominant or a 50/50 hybrid...I know, I guess I'm just a wooose but I at least like to be able to walk and talk when I?m buzzed.

It turns o ut that the Master Kush from Aloha is a very potent strain. It knocks me out b ut maybe my body chemistry is different from yours! It grows real well and the floral clusters have a delightful aroma to them; like a grape flavour, maybe. Of the ten seeds I grew out, there was a lot of variability in the growing characteristics of the plants. Several were very sativa-dominant. The one I kept as a mother is short-statured and a heavy producer of many small, hard buds. I still cultivate it because I love the hashy smell it releases but as I said, it's effect upon me is mostly a narcotic one in nature. - Moose

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