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MCW (Mighty Mite x Chemo x White Widow)

MCW (Mighty Mite x Chemo x White Widow) cannabis is a Mostly Indica plant from British Colombia/California. NCGA breeder.

MCW is a very nice strain to grow and smoke. Matures around 55-63 days. I suppose that MCW is fairly mold resistant because 2 other strains I had developed a white "cottony" looking mold inside of the buds, but MCW didn't even though she had really phat buds. The buds are nice and tight. I have 2 mcw females, both are very stony, one has more flavor than the other does. The flavor is excellent in taste. The mcw with more flavor occasionally puts out a few sterile male pollen anthers, which has never pollinated anything, I have had these 2 mcw's going for quite a while now and I prefer the one with the occasional anther, even though the other mcw has phatter buds. - ncga

"Ncga's Chemo cross (MCW) would do any garden proud! It's my personal favorite of this years crop and although it's a low yielder, the flavor/buzz more than makes up for it..."-Mohave Green

"And, for what it's worth, IMHO, that MCW was the best of the bunch! Without a doubt, try to keep that strain going! The others were fine, but MCW just gave you (or me, anyway) that energy rush that is truly incredible! If you EVER have any extra of that let me know.... I'd drive across 3 states for that..."

Planted my last 6 MCW (I think it also had a "?" behind it, or maybe an "x") dec. 15. all grew normally except for 1 extra large female (#1). 2 avg. ones (#2 & #3) along with exact same for the males. kept the tallest male and a bushy one and bred with #2. not much to say about #2 other than it has 100's of developing seed pods on a 30" tall, bushy plant. #3 is also unremarkable in its growth and both are pretty avg. to what was grown outdoors last summer from same batch of seed (btw, 3rd week of Oct. was harvest for the outdoor). #1 however, is a monster! 4' tall, easily 2' diameter and solid with bud (looks very easy to clean too). Two main colas with many good size branches growing "candelabra style" with one pinch early in growth. I expect an outstanding yield from this one in particular... all are a lighter shade of green than most plants, very frosty with trichomes. And super-sweet aroma. It's a very long lasting, semi-heavy high and works well for the med. users I share it with. It's always been what they ask for anyway and works well for me too (failed back from 6 surgeries and 2 fusions).

All were grown in 5 gal. black plastic, nursery buckets filled with "Whitney farms premium potting soil" cut by a third with "Whitney farms cactus mix". Vegged under 1 1000W Sunmaster MH conversion and 2 1000W HPS...after sexing, reduced to 1 HPS and the Sunmaster in a 4 x 8 x 7 space.

Tried Mylar this year for the 1st time. I don't notice much difference between it and plain flat white walls. Mylar is a real pain to keep clean and it will be gone as soon as the room is cleared. - del

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