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Misty cannabis is a Mostly Indica plant from Holland. Homegrown Fantaseeds breeder.

Sister of White Widow. Short, bushy plant yielding a high THC content. - Homegrown Fantaseeds

Misty (a supposed sister of WW) is thought by many to be a just one of the many different genetic incarnations of WW, It is said to be a much more stab le variation of the WW line. - Prince Caspian

Misty seeds are strong variety. Short leaves, light green, strong bud, big clusters and very resinous... smells sweet, and grows very fast. 4 weeks u ntil flo wering, 8-9 weeks for full flowering. -aviyam

On a smoking excursion to Amsterdam last September I got a chance to sample Misty as well as da Widow, and see both side by side. They look almost exactly the same, side by side, under intense light. One could easily think they came from the same plant. I saw this in person at Positronics as somebody was trying to sell the Skunkmaster some Widow as I was standing there, and he compared it to some Misty (the house special) I had just purchased in the smoke room in back. The Misty is a *fairly* strong plant in my opinion, about a 7 on a scale of 1-10. Equivalent to a good Northern Lights in potency. The Widow, maybe a little higher but still not great. This is just my opinion of course. - SonOfLights

10 seeds were ordered from Jocks and all but one germinated using the old paper towel. Germinated seeds were then planted in rockwool cubes and all 9 sprouted. Last week when I saw them they were about 3-4" tall under flouros with 2 lagging behind. (They looked healthy I just think they were the late sprouts.) They were all working on their 4th node. I forgot how old but I would guess around 12 days. Even at this short height about 4 of them were showing good branching characteristics. - Ratchet

Misty from Homegrown Fantaseeds. It was real easy to grow. Yielded over 2 oz. per sq. under a 250!!! Tastes sweet like sugar. Connoisseur quality cannabis. Best I've had. Chronic fro m Serious is great too yields even better than Misty.

...The Misty is really sweet. Chunky thick bright green nugs with little delicate deep orange hairs. Lots of bud mass in the Misty. The Nugs are really fucking green. They're very sticky, and have a taste that is sweet but VERY powerful. This shit knocks you on your ass, and it stinks. The kind of shit you keep smelling in the car when I've got a 1/4 in my backpack in the trunk. Yield is way better than average, but not as good as Chronic. I've seen half once single stalk 3-footers that were flowered at 6"- 8". A joint is soaked through with resin before you're half way into it. Split a modest one with a friend and you'll be in Oz for hours. 2 modest bong hits or one mother load will put you on your back. If you want more info on Misty check out the Homegrown Fantaseeds web site. Misty was the key ingredient in White Widow, and although I've heard that anything in the WW family is probably unstable, of the 7 Misty seeds I started there were no major growth pattern, color, or even size variations. Misty is definitely the better choice unless your #1 concern is yield, and don?t get me wrong yield for Misty is BIG. I don't have the link anymore for homegrown, but I'm sure it's easy enough to find. Misty is definitely amongst my 3 favorites, but I haven't tried a lot of the new stuff. My number one so far has been NL5xHaze, and number 2 is either misty or blueberry. -Skywalker

...AK-47 from Serious Seeds, and Misty from Homegrown Fantaseeds were both KILLER. Both the AK and the Misty have a great yield, and a knock you on your ass stoned to the bone. I like the sweet taste and sheer power of the Misty the best personally. -KITSCY DUB

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