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Niagara cannabis is a Mostly Sativa, with Ruderalis plant from Ontario, Canada. Dr. Greenthumb breeder.

A mostly sativa strain, early finish, sweet taste, mold resistant, high flower to leaf ratio, soaring high and produce large yield.
Potency: 4 out of 5.
Bouquet: Earthy, heavy.

Indoor Growth
Cutting height 36"-48"
Yield (/m.) 400-500 g
Flowering 60 Days

Outdoor Growth
Plant Height 6'-12'
Yield (/plant) 400-500 g
Finish Approx. Sept. 15

Frost Resistance -Spring Very Good, Fall Good.

Out of 18 Niagara seeds I got 17 sprouts. Out of the 18 Niagara x shiva seeds 18 sprouts. Out of the Niagara, 9 were female. Out of the Niagara x shiva 11 were female. Clones were taken from each and rooted later to be put into my hydro system. Growth was better than I've ever seen; in fact both types threatened to outgrow my space heightwise, so had to bend them a bit. I harvested last weekend. The yield on both looks good, but I have no actual weight as both are still drying. I would say in the area of 400 grams a square yard. The buds look fat and dense. The Niagara buds have almost no leaf, just pure flowers I have not seen a less leafy plant before. The Niagara x shiva has more leaf as it is more indica. I have no idea about taste yet but the quick dry Niagara I have been smoking is far more potent than anything I have ever grown before, what a head rush, some of my friends say it's too potent or accused me of spraying it with something. The Niagara x shiva is less potent than the Niagara, and more physical but I would say it also is more potent than any of the strains I have grown before. for those who like a very potent weed Niagara is the bomb, but some may not like getting that high. Overall I like both and plan to grow more in the future.

I have some 5 week old Niagara plants that were ordered from Doc Greenthumb. The plants look good 12- 15 inches tall and appear to be very healthy. I germinated 10 seeds all but one sprouted. Plants have been under 18/6 light cycle and all have been preflowering and revealed they sex 5 females and 4 males. One of the males started flowering at 3 weeks and had to be moved out of room so it won't pollinate the females.

The staminate pollen sack looked like it would release the pollen anytime. Have never had this happen before in the vegetative stage. Have heard that some Ruderalis strains flower regardless the photoperiod. Has anyone heard from Doctor Greenthumb?? - edhassle

I am down to 8 Females only out of a 30 seed order. And not the first PINK HAIR. All normal color. :( Finishing out the budding of them to sample the quality. Since they did not produce the pink hairs , I wonder did I get the strain I paid for? 3 of the males fully showed & produced pollen while under 24 hrs light. That I have never seen. I saved the pollen from those 3 males. There were a lot of hermaphrodites, at least 8. Some of the females showed under 24 hour also. I have dropped the females all down to 10 hours a day to finish them out. All males & hermies are dead. I hope they did not send me industrial hemp!!!! Or maybe straight Ruderalis? But they finish at different rates so I wonder was it stable at all? Or maybe I was sent different types of seed? I thought that F1 hybird seeds would produce even traits? I thought that the traits would not segregate unless I seeded the F1's? ? ? Country Boy

"This is my first attempt at growing it and it's about 5 weeks into flowering. It started off pretty fast; it was a little tall and grew like a regular sativa. This would be an ideal plant for ScrOG method. However, it does flower fast. Faster then one would expect from a sativa. I tried some of the immature flowers and it was pretty potent, especially for immature buds. The buds are starting to get a little bigger and fill out some, which is strange because the pot that I have grown, buds don't fill out till really late into flowering. I use soil, and non-organic ferts like Shultz bloom plus (10 60 10) and miracle grow etc. I have my own soil mix that works really well. Niagara loves lots of light; it does really well under good lighting, which is excellent. Make sure you start flowering this variety at about the 4-5th node or you'll have a rather large plant you may not wanted that size. I made that mistake and ended up with a mother plant to provide me with clones instead of buds." - Hvac Man

11 days into 12/12 My Niagara X Shiva went Hermy. Arrggg! Too bad 'cause it was a really good-looking plant. Very wide leaves. Fairly compact.

They are two weeks into 12/12. All system go for flowering. Soil. Niagara X Shiva goes hermy. 6 other of same strain. I guess you get what pay for.

Niagara is Sativa and is kinda fluffy. Its drying so can't say about potency. Smells minty. Good crystal formation. Yield...nothing to scream about. Niagara x shiva- a lot of variation grape smell in some mint in others. Tight nugs. Some tendency to herm in all examples. - Flashman

I got 10 seeds, 6 were female, all were very tall and showed sex under 18 hrs of light within three weeks. Only 2 had somewhat of a good yield and the other 4 should have been killed. Out of the 4 bad yielders 1 was fairly potent, but nothing special, all the rest including the 2 yielders were average (at best) in potency.

The taste sucks! What I grew did not look like the pictures I saw. This is no match for many of the popular Dutch strains I've grown out as far as yield, potency, TASTE, and growth pattern. This plant is not for indoor growers. All in all this seems to be a very unstable strain. Compared to everything else I have ever grown, this did not take the cake! I hope that you have better luck, and can process hemp, cuz that's what you?re going to be growing. I simply cannot understand what all this hoopla is about Niagara. It might be ok for someone who is just starting, but not for those of us who are striving for the ultimate kindest bud! - angelface

Niagara from HS. Promix/perlite/worm castings. Start & veg under floros. Flower under 430W HPS. One female out of 6.Looked definitely indica, but were supposed to be mostly sativa. Trashed males.

Started flower at 14" 6 weeks preflowered and was very easy to distinguish. Fan leaves were wide fingered and HUGE. Topped once. Very few leaves. Buds production was not much to speak of (thought should be great with 1 plant under 430W). Bud leaves had purple cast to them. High was average. Overall opinion - not as advertised in type, production, or high. As far as production/high could have been me, but type was not as advertised. - Al Phadog

The good doctor used two kinds of weed to make Niagara; a Oaxacan plant, and an early Afghanistan, both of which, he got from the original countries. The Oaxacan was late, and wouldn't finish in Canada, but he crossed it with the Afghanistan, then selected for two generations to come up with a hybrid that flowered early like it's Afghan ancestor. So this is the origin of Niagara if anyone wants to know. - 67ed

Started 7 Niagara. So far three have shown male under 18/6 photoperiod. Three of the other four have definite sativa dominance. Leggy and long internode spacing One is 18" this is the tallest of the bunch as well as the widest but is not very dense. The other 2 are runts sativa dominant but very slow growing about 10"-12" tall. One is totally different very indica influenced much more bushy and vigorous looks much like a indica/sativa mix 14" this plant - germinator

Started (with) clones from a 2 month Niagara female. The plants were grown under a Sunmaster 1k cool deluxe mh and 1k hps on light movers. Plants were grown in organic mix of worm castings. I had no problem until flowering. Then the Niagara grew too long and spindly and the tops never filled out. The Niagara was a disaster for me in terms of wasted time and space.

The plants were fed with Foxfarm big bloom during flowering. At 5 weeks into flowering the Niagara's had very small wispy buds that never filled out between internodes. The plants were topped at 12 inches tall but the 5 weeks of 18/6 veggie the plants went wild with uncontrolled spindly lateral growth that was a hassle to control. The plants were ok smoke but I really can't say because they were never finished due to space constraints. - edhassle

My understanding of this strain WAS that it was a cross between Afghanistan and Oaxacan strains. There was no mention of Ruderalis in it's genes, but 3/12 of these little $#@&er's are flowering under 24/0 after 8 weeks from seed, so what's the scoop?

These plants showed preflowers at the 6 & 7 nodes at 6 weeks, which I thought was odd but counted my lucky stars, thankful I could start weeding some of these out as things were getting pretty crowded. Well at 8 weeks, they're one approx. 10+ nodes and flowering! Also, the description of Niagara at Doc's site compared this plant indoors and out, which led me to think that this would do ok indoors. - Unhappy Camper

I haven't grown any of doc's strains to harvest yet, but, I have Niagara, and NiagaraVE growing indoors right now, which will be thrown outside sometime in may. I have read that the Niagara is an indoor/outdoor plant, but I fail to see how this strain could possibly be grown successfully indoors. I will say that all plants are very vigorous, with quite a bit of variation between individual plants. They have quite large internode spacing, and really like to reach for the light with quite a bit of side branching. I'm sure these plants will be enormous when grown outdoors, but I wouldn't chance then indoors. - S_Ont

My experience (one grow) is this: out of 8 plants, two were bushy runts--one female, one male. Both were late to show sex and develop flowers. I axed the male because it produced a very sparse spike of flowers, each flower node greatly separated (4-5 mm) from the others. The runty female is about 1/3 the size of her sister, who looks like the pictures and descriptions of Niagara. The runty girl also has sparse spikes of flowers, distributed like the male--definitely a lot of stem and few flowers.

To top it off, I discovered a few male flowers on a couple of branches of the runt female this morning. I didn't plan to save any seeds from these runts anyway, but it was a great disappointment to see how variable (with undesirable Ruderalis-like runts) this variety is :-(

I don't have anything against some Ruderalis genes; the Doc has created a line that will grow outdoors in higher latitudes. He's a breeder, not a magician. I'm disappointed mainly because I had planned to produce my own seeds to avoid the paranoia ordering out-of-country causes me. If his seeds stock is so variable, it suggests that Niagara is closer to an F1 or F2 hybrid than a stable variety--something like a F1 of one type, though perhaps a stabilized hybrid, and an F1 of another, such as Ruderalis indica.

On the plus side, the other female is big, producing a good yield, has a moderate covering of trichomes on the distal parts of the bigger bud leaves; has a very pleasant, aromatic odor (none of the plants were stinky, though the grow-room smell was evident during the last few weeks of vegetative stage and first few weeks of flowering phase).

I smoked some quick-dried buds of each at day 56 of 12/12. It tasted like quick-dried pot--not as harsh as some; I just crushed up the bud leaves and buds and rolled a fat one of each (different days). Both gave better than average highs that seemed to last at least a couple of hours. It wasn't the one-puff-and-I'm-flying type of power, but it was good :-)))

I started with tap water (pH ~8) to clear nutes at day 53. I plan to harvest on day 63. Can't wait to cure and smoke this mother though I don't think the taste is going to be anything to brag about. - T. Aich See

What strikes me most at this point is the variation in the plants. There is no way this is a stable strain. I have one plant outgrowing the rest of the garden markedly, which has that characteristic Kush look to the leaves. I have three with that characteristic Afghani look to their leaves. Another three with that Mexican/Colombian look to them. And, one with an indica look I have not seen before, very short and fat overlapping leaves. This is a mutt strain that has not been stabilized.

I use a 400 MH in a small 4'x2' space, so my wattage and lumen intensity is good, and they seem to be growing well. No problems there. And, the side branching has already begun nicely on the Kush-like plant, and the Afghani-like plants. Since I will clip their tops once, at the fifth internode, the faster they get there, the better.

All in all, it is an interesting crop to observe. I don't care about the variability much, I can simply choose the best to breed and create my own unique strain. I am crossing my fingers the Kush-like plant that is growing so fast is good and potent.

I have 3 Niagara females in late bloom now. There seems to be a bit of variation in them. One is looking like a good yielder, but the other 2 are very skimpy indeed. Another thing is they are prone to going hermy when you switch from 24 or 18/6 straight to 12/12. They don't do this outdoors with the gradual decline in daylength (so I hear). All 4 females did this to me. One was way too herm and got the chop. As for the good female growing now it has lots of resin, good branching, clones well. I can't wait to try the buzz for size. It's probably best grown outdoors though. - Red Devil

Started 10, 9 sprouts, 4 females, 4 males and 1 hermy. I kept 1 Niagara that's at it's 3rd clone generation. The mother plant was OK but not great. After a couple of clonings, however the bud size, resin output and potency all rose quite a bit. Clones well, great branching and flowers fast (7-8 weeks). I really like the Niagara buzz. It slowly creeps up on you and builds into a fun laughter inducing high. It hasn't got the immediate impact or couch lock of some of my other strains which makes it good for the 1st smoke of the day. It's a keeper. Good one Greenthumb.

I have a feeling they will do well outdoors. I've only grown them under lights (47W/sf in a flood/drain table). The buds filled out pretty good for a sativa. Still a little bit loose and fluffy though. Of the 4 females I had only one was worth keeping. The other 3 were very low yielding and poor in the THC department. - RedDevil

Finished my Niagara grow, starting with 8 seedlings. Bought my seeds not from the Doc, but from Heaven?s Stairway. Six were male (one a slow-growing runt with very sparse flowers); two were female-- one was robust with fairly tight buds, good amount of trichomes, glossy leaves on buds. The other was a runt, with very few flowers per cm or inch, (individual flowers separated by a few to several mm), few trichomes, and no gloss to bud leaves. Leaf characters were the same (I described all this in earlier posts on my grow results), but the runt never developed "buds," i.e. compact floral spikes. Both get me high, but I'd never waste space on another runty female. [I've been sick since my harvest so can't really judge the high-- my current, ill state is light-headed with this terrible respiratory virus that's going around.] I crossed my best female with the three biggest males, who tested about the same in potency. I don't plan to grow more Niagara from seeds for more than a year, and then I still have 9 from my original purchase. Wait until a few weeks into flowering (2-4) and you should be able to tell if any of the short, bushy ones are going to be worth keeping.

Apparently like you, I was disappointed because I thought this was a "stable" strain--I bought three other stable varieties (Dutch origin) that I was going to 1) produce seeds for my future use; and 2) cross with each other and with Niagara. Now, I believe I would have been better served by my original plan of using Haze, Durban Poison, or one of Doc's Heritage varieties instead of Niagara. But hey, I think this my be the most potent weed I've smoked in a long while--if it is, it definitely is a subtle, up kind of high. I have two clones of the best female about 1 week into 12/12, and have 4 Northern Lights about 1 week away from 12/12 (that way they will finish at about the same time). My plan, assuming I've got a NL male among the 4 is to cross these two, as well as produce some more NL seeds for the future. - T. Aich See

So far I've grown Niagara (a disappointment, though I haven't given up on it) and am 2.5 weeks from harvesting Northern Lights (recent sample of green bud tells me I'm going to like this plant)?. Niagara is good, but I like more body to my high--something to make me laugh and get me horny. Niagara is too subtle and cerebral for kicking back.- T. Aich See

I've grown it from seeds and clones indoors. I only had 2 females out of 8 seedlings; both males and females were quite variable in stature and flower production. One female was a worthless runt with very little potency and production. The more potent female produced a subtle high (little body) that was not especially long-lasting. Personally, I don't like it as much as varieties with more "body" to their high (I'm not talking couch-lock high, but something with some "feel" to the high). It isn't a great producer--the buds are on the "airy" side, though they plump up some at about 8-9 weeks of 12/12. It clones easily (I've only cloned after 4 and 5 weeks of 12/12 and it took 2 & 3 weeks for the cuttings to root and start growing). It seems to be somewhat resistant to fungi (I had a fungus attack that wiped out my last grow, including the Niagara, but the California Orange seedlings and Northern Lights clones were wiped out first). I'm glad I tried it, and I plan to grow some more to breed and blend (the bud) with indica-dominated strains, but only until I am able to find varieties that are more to my liking and which produce more indoors. The only time I might smoke pure Niagara is when I'm going to be around people whom I don't want to tip off that I'm high or when I have some serious thinking to do. -T. Aich See

I had some trouble with Niagara in the early seedling stage? I believe it must have been the soil because I know that the problem was coming from the roots of the seedlings? I never really found out what my problem was but even still I ended up with some healthy plants?they are nearing their harvest time and I wanted to ask you a question or two to help me determine the proper time to harvest your strain.

At this time I have one with a more indica influence and one more sativa. both were done outdoors and have lost all large leaves and only have some small single bladed leaves left. flower to leaf ratio is very high and they are very aromatic. I would say that 50% of the pistils have turned brown they are still developing pistils as I can clearly see a percentage of white newly developed pistils...they have large and thick colas. If you look closely at the resin glands on the small bud leaves you can clearly see the amber color of the resin inside the globular resin glands?.you can see that there is a higher percentage of lighter colored resin than darker amber colored resin. I noticed a definite stretch of the internode growth about 8 days ago. The temperature is very high and so is humidity here?sunrise is at about 6:00 am and sunset is about 7:30.

Bud sample: We sampled some buds 8 days ago and only received a small buzz...we sampled a bud last night and noticed DEFINITE psychoactive highs... I love the strain and find the plants that survived MY environment to be VERY strong and dense with buds... My end thoughts on Niagara is that it is worth every penny. - Eric

Harvest time for me, would begin when the majority of the trichomes were amber; and right up to and including, when the bracts begin to swell....They'll noticeably put on weight and trichomes, and density in the buds.

I sometimes in fact take 2 harvests, as it were, by taking the best colas, at a given time; then allowing the smaller lower branches, and what's left of the main, cola-bearing branches to further develop and pile on the trichomes.

I don't encourage people to harvest Niagara in the clear globular trichome's a waste of time in my opinion. Harvested at the right time though; it's a beautiful thing... - greenthumb

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