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Niagara VE

Niagara VE cannabis is a Mostly Indica, with Ruderalis plant from Ontario, Canada. Dr. Greenthumb breeder.

Mostly indica. Mold resistant. Medium flower to leaf ratio. Potent. Medium to large yield. Recommended for difficult areas (short season; cool spring & fall)

Potency: 3 out of 5.
Bouquet: Sweet

Indoor Growth
Cutting height N/A*
Yield (/m.) N/A*
Flowering N/A*

Outdoor Growth
Plant Height 4'-8'
Yield (/plant) 200-300 g
Finish Mid-Late August

*Indoor growth of Niagara VE is not recommended.

Frost Resistance - Spring Very Good, Fall Good.

Already grew out Greenthumbs Niagara and X Shiva. Not "da bomb" I was led to believe. I have grown out way better Dutch varieties. Please remember that this is strictly my opinion I have read that other people have been very happy with what they grew! Different strokes for different folks.- Indica Queen

My Niagaras are starting to flower! They were planted outside a month ago when they were 3 weeks old. Man was I surprised When I went out to water them today and some of them had nuts ready to bust, I caught em' just in time. The others were just starting to show white hairs. I wasn?t expecting them to show sex for at least another month. My guess is that Niagara and Niagara x shiva auto-flower automatically at sixty days. - Robin

If this is true, it would stand to reason that Niagara is just a Ruderalis that has a little (recessive) amount of Sativa in it. I've grown Niagara X Shiva before and found it too wily to have indoors in a small area, but if I were to grow outdoors I'd consider it I think.

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