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Night Queen

Night Queen cannabis is a Sativa/Indica plant from Holland. Dutch Passion breeder.

Flower: 6-8 weeks
Harvest: end of Sept., 1 week of Oct.

Night Queen is a pure and unhybridised Afghani Indica first seen in the 1980?s and now making a re-appearance in the Dutch Passion collection. She grows in a compact and bushy form and produces long and dense blooms of very heavy hitting indica bud. The harvest is special old-school Afghani weed, sticky resin coats the blooms with citrus flavours and spicy scents.

This is very strong, just a small joint was enough for some of our test team. Night Queen can be used sparingly yet still be very effective so your harvest will go a long way. Users report a powerful body stone, a really potent indica-style buzz. The effect is very pleasant and relaxing, some users report it helps them sleep. A real treat for those looking for a good old-fashioned heavy hitting variety that is easy to grow and not at all demanding in the grow room.

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