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NL#5 X Hawaiian

NL#5 X Hawaiian cannabis is a Sativa/Indica mix plant from British Columbia. breeder.

I am about 10 days from harvesting NL#5 and NL#5xHawaiian right now. The NL#5xHawaiian would definitely be a good ScrOG strain. It is very vigorous, very bushy, and has branches that are easily manipulated (not rigid). I was thinking of doing this myself.

I got these from Richies but noticed that they started cracking open after being in my sock drawer for about 2 weeks. 5 out of 12 cracked open and had to send these to my sister (she had room to start them). Also noticed that there were a high percentage of mutants. These seem to have all new growth coming out of the same node. Looks like a cabbage. I got one mutant of the 4 seeds I started but killed it. My sister is flowering a mutant now (she got all mutants - the cracked open seeds).

Of the 3 normal females, 2 are average and one is outstanding. The outstanding female (mother) was topped and has 4 colas about 18" long each. These are really packing on the weight now. The secondary budding is amazing. I pruned all the lower branches and leaves before flowering but this has all grown back now. Everywhere you look is bud. Even the lower buds that don't get much light are frosted with crystal (not as dense as the upper bud but I'm sure it will be tasty).

I noticed what seemed to be a male flower on one of the "normal" females and pulled it at 5 weeks. I thought it was a male flower because it had a stem. I noticed the same thing on the outstanding female but left it. It turned out to be a female flower "with a stem!".

I hung the pulled plant to dry for about a week and started smoking it (had nothing else). It was some of the best tasting bud I've smoked in my 25 years of smoking herb. It is very fruity and tropical. Even the leaves had the sweet fruity flavour. The buzz was really nice, fairly strong, but only lasted for about an hour (5 weeks and no cure). Really looking forward to trying the finished (and cured) product. I would highly recommend this strain for ScrOG although if I were to order these seeds again. I would not get them from Richies.- Scotty

Completely covered in brick-red hairs, this dark green bud has a nice thick layer of tannish resin crystals. It smells candy-sweet and lightly fruity. It looks and smells like a Sativa, but glistens like its Northern Lights forefathers. When smoked, the bud tastes fruity and sweet too, but smells very brown, like a Colombian. ***1/2 - Homepage Amsterdam

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