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Northern Lights #2 a.k.a Oasis

Northern Lights #2 a.k.a Oasis cannabis is a Mostly Indica plant from California/Holland. Dutch Passion Seeds breeder.

Flower: 8-9 weeks
Harvest: 1st week of Nov.

One of the most popular varieties, Oasis is our Northern Lights #2 selection. A very strong plant, almost spider mite resistant. Good yield, excellent taste and excellent high.

Northern lights #2 = originally a Hindu Kush X Thai cross. It was selectively inbred and developed into a stable almost all Kush type cross that is mostly indica.

I haven't done #5, but # 2 (Oasis) was great. Most people say that the NL strains have little or no taste or smell, but my experience with #2 was that it had an oniony, garlicky smell and taste. The buzz was it. Couch-lock, but surprisingly psychoactive, given indica's reputation. I don't think you can go wrong with a strain that highly touted. - Skunkman

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