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Northern Lights #5 X Haze

Northern Lights #5 X Haze cannabis is a Indica/Sativa plant from Holland. Nevil Schoenbottom, Sensi Seed Bank breeder.

Flowering: 65-75 days / 11 weeks
Height: 150-180 cm.
Yield: up to 150 gr.

This hybrid is the pinnacle of achievement in Cannabis breeding today. The result: an extremely potent plant with a great Sativa high. In the 1994 harvest festival this variety was miles ahead of its competitors. The high yields compensate for the slightly longer flowering period. Hybrid vigour provides for lush growth, heavy bud formation and abundant resin. A true champion!

Big plant with big leaves. Light green. It will grow to 15 feet tall outdoors. Will produce 4-6 ounces per plant. An extremely sweet smell. A unique and high quality stone.

It is the "ultimate". Can do a wake-and-bake without turning into a couch potato. Needs lots of lights. Stretches like a sativa. But gets plenty of crystals. Hash made from those crystals, put into the nation's water supply ... uh I forgot what I was going to say. Anyway, it's gooood. And, it's probably not the best for a newbie, it can put them away like when you eat too much. Trip to the hospital, etc. -- no shit, this happened to a friend of mine. (It created diabetes complications. Extreme hypoglycemia. So make sure you've got plenty of nutrition bars from your obnoxious network marketing friends, drink lots of water, and you'll be better prepared. Your brain cells are going to be going on a rocket trip ... they need lots of fuel !! But be careful ... if you go shopping under the influence of this stuff you'll spend too much money before you know it. I would suggest the NL5xHaze. Heavy yielder, great sativa buzz however it does take a little longer (70 days) but worth the wait if its for your head. - Rooot

A-1 I got some of those seed from Nevil in 88 and I've seen it make many experienced smokers do strange things-throw up, anxiety attacks-honest to goodness. I just recieved an order of Sensi Seeds version of it and cant wait to compare it. I think Nevils seeds from the old Seed Bank days were great. - Stix

The haze/nl5 I had was the most visual, near acid-like high I have ever had. 10-12 weeks to finish and worth every nailbiting day of it (imo). You will also be pleasantly surprised with the yield too. Haze must be VERY dominant in that hybrid judging by the high. The NL just keeps the flowering under 16 weeks more than anything. They didn't call Nevil "the king" for nothing... I had one plant stretch 6" overnight! No lie. That Haze is something completely different from most sativas. When Nevil released that strain he was the only one with pure NL5 AND pure Haze both of which he found in the States. - Lady J.

Was it you that had experience with NLxHaze? I now have two from Sensi that are growing like wildfire in my flowering closet. They have almost taken over. My question is are these girls going to be worth the trouble they are causing. If not I am thinking of ripping them out now. It is really running on me. Has to be the Haze. Here's to hoping it is all you say. I will tough it out. I had a similar problem with NLxHaze from the bc seed co. These did not preflower.They full on began to flower at about 6-7 weeks.When it became apparent that they would continue, I moved them into the flowering area. After a decent harvest, I revegged all three and after about 5-6 weeks they began to flower automatically AGAIN. I have bred these plats and their offspring have just begun to break soil. I'll just go with the flow and play jr.scientist trying to find out if it was enviromental or genetic. It was great and worth the money but still not the best I ever had... growing conditions could have been a little better. The buzz was powerful and very up heady, a little disorientating and a good laster. Taste was unique kind of a lime flavor with a fruity-tooty hint. mellow burn. excellent stuff but I have had stronger in jamacia. slow-slow-slow grower and quite pricey for the seed bank seeds. I may have gotten better results had I waited longer and dryed longer. I still have 5 seeds left and 4 clones so I am going to refine my growing techniuqe. but it will be a long time for 2nd set of results. would I recommend it yes but maybe not on limited funds or for the impatient grower. I love the taste though and the buzz... awesome! - Turbo

Remember how my NL5xHaze budded on auto? Well the harvest was somewhat small as a result, but the bud was damned stoney. At about 6 weeks reveg the plants went on autobud again so into flowering they went.Larger this time. - sb

Being a big fan of this original cross by Nevil of The Seed Bank, I've been waiting for the chance to grow out Sensi's version of it. The original was the most potent, devasting high I?ve ever had the pleasure of growin. The best plants leaned to the indica side in her traits, finish was longish but worth it, with tight, large, crystally buds. Sensi's version today, however, doesn?t come close to the original in any way. Its mostly sativa, LOOSE buds, potency at best average, and Ive honestly lost track how long they've been budding, and 90% of females not finished yet. I dont really think any of the females(9) I got from this order will be worth keeping, to say the least Im very disappointed, since I have recommended this strain to so many people. Perhaps the successful grows of this strain use a mega amount of light since mine is only 40 watts ft/sq. or else it was my turn to be unlucky with the females in my order, but Id never recommend this to anyone again. I know time makes the memories better, but I swear the strains from 85-90 from SSSC and The Seed Bank were much better than most of what we get today, or am I getting old? It seems the hybrid vigor of the crosses from that era were much more vigorous than crosses today. - stix

This hydro is light green with scarce long, red hairs and very crystally buds. It breaks up very easily and emits a sweet green scent, characteristic to Northern Lights. The buds are surprisingly much denser than they seem. Smoked, the buds are smooth but very expansive in the lungs and will certainly leave you coughing. The taste has a mild overall bouquet if not a bit bland. The high comes on quickly but is mild and relaxing, and even a bit spacey. *** 1/4 - Homepage Amsterdam

As for the nl5xhaze, I tried it both on e f table with 40+ watts/s.f. and in e-f trays with much less light, about 30 watts/s.f. Using GH nutes with fox farm and EJ Catalyst in both systems. Most plants in strain outgrew table and were moved to trays but a couple stayed short enough and bloomed profuselylarge as a football and loose as could be. Ones in trays were more sativa and finished bout 6 feet and were more potent with better-looking buds, though still loose. They are covered with resin. More light would have been a big plus and perhaps the sole reason my results weren't as good as your own. Air turnover every minute in both grows. I'm not as disappointed since I've sampled them since they?ve matured, the early samples weren't too potent at all-I think they were worth the effort cause they do express the haze pretty well in the smoke and that?s always a treat. - stix

I have a few NL#5 Haze that I have just harvested, I was really happy with the product produced. Fat tight buds, minimal stretching. and mine was from Mike, straight from Sensi. Mine gained height of around 5 and a half-foot, they yielded pretty well as well. I bent them over and it increased the yield. - Mirage

I've just finished growing out ten NL#5 x Haze females. Firstly the seeds were bought in Sensi for USD 150.- You get 16 seeds to a pack. Germination saw 15 seeds pop, out of which 5 were males. I let the plants vegetate until 2 feet in height - mistake. On going to 12/12 the plants took off towards the ceiling. They eventually reached 6 feet and were a regular pain in the ass to look after; buds bending branches over, running buds etc.... (I'm using 600W HPS in a 5 x 5 grow room). The plants were just about mature after 75-80 days.

I'm now in the process of drying and curing with the intention of selecting the best mother afterwards for regen. and cloning.

I must say that I'm disappointed in the quality at this point. The buds I've smoked so far have had a really nice taste and are very smooth to smoke. The high, however, leaves something to be desired. Although I haven't sampled the best bits on each plant I have yet to come across a NLH bud which flattens me. Sensi say this is 'extremely potent' grass. What does this mean? Extremely potent for whom exactly? I'm a joint-a-day man for years and my intention in buying these expensive seeds was to grow a really potent strain to have for my 'experienced' buddies.

There seems to be a high variability in potency among the ten plants. My experience tells me that I'm not going to find a killer here. Manicuring a cola from a plant always gives me a clue to its potency. I use a scissors and if it gets clogged up by resin I know I have a good smoke. Only one of these plants had this ability. However, I'm reserving final judgement until the plants are fully dry and mostly cured (about another 3 weeks) before I start ranting and raving.

Tips for growers of this strain :
Put on 12/12 when plant is under 12 inches.
Maturity will take 75-85 days.
You need LOTS of light.
Yield is o.k
Cloning is easy - I've tried it.
The buds will be fluffy, not tight.
No major smell problems with this strain. -Harry H.

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