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Northern Lights X Shiva

Northern Lights X Shiva cannabis is a Mostly Indica plant from Holland. Amsterdam Aloha breeder.

Northern Lights x Shiva is an all-Indica hybrid with a short flowering period, a high flower-to-leaf ratio and huge yields. As a vigorous Indica, this seed-strain is very easy to grow and clone. As an added bonus, it retains NL?s characteristically subtle odour when flowering.

Northern Lights x Shiva is a timeless classic, combining the two definitive forms of cannabis Indica - Northern Lights from Afghanistan and Shiva from the high reaches of the Indian Himalayas. Both parents are prized as top-quality hash-making plants in their countries of origin, and thse two genotypes are responsible for a large proportion of the black hashish produced each year.

Buds are very large and solid and are thickly coated with resin crystals. The smoke is spicier than NL with a more complex flavour and an enormously powerful body-high which is positive and quite energetic rather than being incapacitating.

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