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Orange Bud

Orange Bud cannabis is a Indica/Sativa plant from California/Holland. Dutch Passion Seeds breeder.

Flower: 8 weeks
Harvest: end of Oct.

A 100% Skunk selection, grows with thick hard buds and orange pistils. A very appreciated variety.

This pretty bud lives up to its namesake with light green buds, covered in bright orange hairs. There are also tiny crystals on all the leaves and buds. Its strong skunky smell is actually tapered by the more green smell that accompanies it. Fluffy and light, the buds break up nicely, leaving your fingers a little tacky. The expansive strong smoke tastes a bit like a brown weed (earthy)--the skunk taste has been eliminated with some green taste lightly in the background.

Mine is also from Dutch Passion. I'll be honest it is not a great yielder. My first harvest, soil/chemical, it had a brown weed taste. My last harvest, #4, hydro/organically, the brown weed taste is there, but the is a citrus undertone. By the way it leaves your mouth watery, not cottonmouth like my skunk #1. I prefer skunk #1 to it, but my friends prefer the OB.

I prefer the OB to SK#1, one of the 2 other strains I own. I?m doing it in water culture with GH nutes, in a basement with about 6'5" total height, kind a pain in da butt. My version of the Orange Bud is from Positronics through Jock. Genetically it is about 6 months old, and in its 2nd flowering cycle. The taste is more citrusy than brown but the brown you speak of is noticeable. The strain just isn?t as sweet as an NL.

..I've puffed orange bud all over the world from Amsterdam to London to LA and it is consistently one of my favorite strains. At best, orange bud is hispid with very long bright orange pistils, very dense "nugglet" buds, and above average crystal production. Very nice cerebral high, wonderful juicy taste. IMHO, orange bud is one of the most common high-end strains in America and Western Europe. - Mao Tse Tung

Orange bud is a great strain(at least Positronics version is.) Potent and fairly tasty. Sunsets are great on orange bud due somewhat to its trippy nature. Very clear high. A little light on the yields but still acceptable. Of the 10 or so strains I've messed with it still rates towards the top. Wish mine was still around. enjoy the orange. -kaka

Oh, yes it sure will stretch during the first few weeks of flowering. I found that by keep my MH 400W about 2 to 3 inches from the top of the plant and placing a fan to gently blow the tops, the stretching will be reduced. Also flush it out with plain water before switching it to 12/12 and adding bloom nutrient. It is also one of mine and many of my fellow tokers' favorite strain. -Mota

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