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Original Haze

Original Haze cannabis is a Mostly Sativa plant from California/Holland. Positronics breeder.

Type : Stabilized F1-Hybrid, 88% Sativa
Flowering time : 8 - 12 weeks
Cultivation : Inside, outside and greenhouse
Appearance : Slender leaves
Aroma : Spicy odour
Height : 1.50 - 1.75 m
Yield : 400 - 500 grams

Strong compact plant, very high. This homogenous Sativa type weed originates from Nepal and contains a high level of THC. Grow it from fertile soil and add nursery supplements to the water. This excellent quality strain grows up to 1,75 meter and is especially loved by musicians around the world.

100% Sativa,a hard plant to grow but famous for its special qualities.A classic Sativa high,and good results for those who do not mind to wait a little longer. Strong, compact plant, mellow. Original lambsbreath from Jamaica. Pure Sativa with light Skunk crossing. Flowering time 10 or 12 weeks. (1st two weeks 14 hours of light / 8 weeks 12 hours of light / last 2 weeks 10 hours of light). Has Narrow leaves, a Plant with yellow-whitish long buds.

Haze (Katsu coffee shop) This place came highly recommended to me from Tony at Sagarmatha. They are said to have "the best Haze in all of Holland". Trippy buzz with a similar taste to the Kali but not quite the same. Very, very cerebral in nature. Like the onset of LSD right before it really kicks in. Some what apprehensive feeling with heart racing aspects. This bud is for experienced smokers only. It could really freak out a newbi consumer. - Prince Caspian

The most mind-blowing weed BY FAR, that I've ever smoked (in 25 years of steady smoking) is Haze. It's like taking LSD. I can't even rate a second or third because NOTHING ELSE COMES CLOSE TO HAZE. - Mr Soul

Cleaner, cerebral buzz from the pure sativa. Haze is a super sativa of four sativas; Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and South Indian. Haze is one of the few genuine, pure sativas in existence (from BC Seeds catalog). Mine is the original haze from positronics. It has very long, slim fan leaves. the plants are so limp that the large new fans make the tops droop over kinda like a sunflower. its definately a pure sativa strain. toke it easy on mature haze. i have some original haze barely budding and its already a killer. did our haze have long skinny leaves and limpy plants haven't got to try any mature bud yet,but the 2 week into flowering green tips give me a better buzz than mature durban bud. unfortunately i just had to put them outside into a longer light cycle so maturity will probably be delayed. i do believe it will be some of the best of the bunch when mature. - Toker2

The original Haze from Positronics, which is a stabilized hybrid is said to produce 5-10% special plants and be 75% female. Out of 5 mother plants, there is one that is a little different from the others. The leaves are a tad bit wider and the plant is definately showing more vigor than its sisters. - Toker2

That's what I thought, Wernard at Positronics got one of the original clones. I got a handle on the general growing characteristics, how's the high? Is the Posi. Haze as potent as the Haze reputation - Uncle Ben

In the seventies we tried several times to grow original haze in the uk all to no avail we were using cool white and grolux and didn't know about hid's. in the eighties we tried again using 100w per sq ft the selected ladies took 15 to 18 weeks on 12h and the start of amber glands. some of these were still growing at 18w and would probably need less hrs to stop them. I don't think the so called hazes offered in Holland can be the same thing some quote 8 weeks some 9. Over the years we made a number of crosses with short time indicas the last two were the best. The high was very high, not at all paranoid, some people reported coloured edges to their vision unfortunately not me. We found it just too expensive and difficult to grow but it has left us with some high yielding hybrids with a touch of the haze high as a memory. The shortest we got the time down to was with super skunk m xo~haze f = 10w and o~haze m x ss f = 9w at 12hrs. -Oldtimer1

I just finished some Positronics original haze for the most part under 44w/sq'.the clones were taken from outdoor mothers. The outdoor buds at 7 weeks had far better potency and taste than the indoors had at 12 weeks. It did make some righteous size buds indoors and a nice yield, approx. 2 oz/plant. Unfortunately, it just didn't have the kick of its outdoor mother. I really believe haze needs far more lumens. - toker2

Haze is a sativa hybrid. If I remember right, they mentioned Mexican, Colombian and Thai in varying degrees. This would explain some of the variation I saw in the hybrids Nevil sent me. Some of the extreme sativa characteristics included one plant with a 6" sport in 24hrs. That happened right after the induction of flowering. Outdoors they would have been giants. - Lady J

Posi haze is mostly Colombian x Mexican with small amounts of Thai and south Indian. It was created by "the Haze brothers" in California 20 years ago.

Our Haze is indeed from Posi's genetics, the flowering times do differ. Hydro tends to be quicker. Bio (in soil) we find can take 1 - 2 weeks longer. 10 - 13 weeks would be most likely on a hydro base. Of course there is some variation from grow room to grow room, even though it's the same strain. Haze is one of our most popular strains and is well worth the wait. A real up high of cosmic proportions. - Homegrown Fantasy seedbank

This sounds close to my strain, except the very best go to between 16 and 18 weeks, Homegrown Fantasy must have done what they call improving the strain to reduce the hrs to 10 to 13 because that's not what Positronics started with. In fact it is very close to what you get with an F1 cross between original haze and original skunk No 1 which is probably closer to the truth. The other thing is to grow original haze well indoors light levels in excess of 100 w per s.f. are needed its not an economical crop. - Oldtimer1

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