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Peak 19

Peak 19 cannabis is a Mostly Indica plant from Holland. Sagarmatha Seeds breeder.

Type: mostly Indica, indoor and outdoor.
Start vegetate: shortly after roots show.
Flowering time: 60 days.
Average height: 1 meter.
Yield: 350-375 grams / m2 (dried).

Peak 19 was the original western name for Mt. Everest. With similar magnitude and strength as the majestic mountain herself inspires, F1 hybrid Peak 19 will fulfill yo ur cannabis desires. The potency of this plant will take you soaring high above the rigours of daily existence. Thought provoking and physically stimulating, the highs associated with Peak 19 are somewhat trippy in their nature. This smoke should be enjoyed mostly by sure-footed high altitude experienced Sherpas or persons with a high sense of adventure. The matrimony of Stonehedge and Matanuska Tundra is one of Sagarmatha's most prized and "flavourite" delicacies, providing a palatial delight and a celestial height for every high mountain trekker.

Well let me tell ya the most impressive strain since afoaf's first strain which was Ro mberry, has really come along nicely, its Peak19, and in both of its phenotypes its a real sight, it comes in a Stonehedge and Mat Tundra expression, they both start frosting with trichomes early (2 weeks), the Matanuska Tundra would work great when you need a really short plant, the spec at Sag says they are a/b .5-.75 meter, the one MT/P19 girl that afoaf has is 18", after 4 weeks 12/12, they stretch so little, it was forced at 13", and basically all of its branches are starting to form one whole plant connected cola, It would be great in "Arena" style grows for the rows that need short style plants, or any grow where height is a factor. Also "Magic Crystal" (WWxCalO) from Ingmar is a great strain also, the odor is unmistakably "Orange" at 4 weeks 12/12, and the flowers are twice as fat in diameter as any of the 5 strains in the grow, Ingmar must select against skinny colas, because the "Ingmars Punch"(WWxSkunk) was the same really fat colas, I guess 17 years can lead to really fine attributes in strains, that?s a lo t of time to grow out lots of generations, and do lots of selecting and backcrossing. - Budm

About the Peak 19s, they were great the F1s have 3 types one that sticks to the Stonehedge sativa phenotype, however in this strain its not tall, lanky, and skimpy, it reaches about 3.5', has tight dense colas that are frostier then many indicas. The next expression sticks to the Matanuska Tundra phenotype, very short and stocky, at maturity, after stretching the gal was just 18", and she was flowered at 15", very sweet and stony smoke, Then there is a homogenized phenotype, that is between the two, like Tony at Sag says, "its like getting three strains in one pack" Now the F2s my friend made are turning out as good or better then the F1s, the male used in the pollination, was very impressive, nodes were under one inch, he was very stocky, lush, and stinky at maturity, he pollinated one Stonehedge type gal, and one Mat T type gal.

My friend harvested his first Peak 19 F2, and its every bit as good as its mom, maybe even tastier, and its taste is great with out curing, it will be real nice when cured. So far two out of three F2s, are the taller Stonehedge type, they have a great up "wake and bake" soaring high, and one is shorter, and will prolly be more Indica like, from the Mat T parent. - Budm

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