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Polm - a.k.a. Jack Herer

Polm - a.k.a. Jack Herer cannabis is a Sativa/Indica plant from Holland. Positronics breeder.

I ordered the Polm special from Jock. He said it was Jack Herer.

I have just finished some of Jock's Posi Jack Herer and have one that keeps on adding to its white, fat cola like the Eveready bunny. It just won't quit after 11 weeks, although harvesting time is prolly within a week or two. Think you will like it. Nice profile, short internodes, average harvest from 12/12 light set has been around 9 weeks.....typical indica/sativa leaf, excellent calyx/leaf ratio, great high that's creeper...3 good tokes and you're good for the night. Doing a seed program and am coveting the seeds on this one. - Uncle Ben Dejo

I have been expressing my opinion that I haven't been really impressed with Dutch strains, but Jesus H. Christ, me and the lady smoked some of the Posi Jack Herer last night and were really blown away. I have finished a grow which was for seed production primarily, and have slowly but surely tasting the buds from various strains over a period of a few months, and am still not finished, however.....

The Jack Herer is definitely Wacky Weed. I mean this stuff is like being in Alice of Wonderland! Creeper weed, nice body stone, very potent head stuff which is psychedelic and just plain goofy! We must have laughed and played head games until we settled in for the night.

I have never co mplained about the grow profile of the limited Dutch strains I have grown, and this particular plant had 1/2" internodes, huge thick colas (yeah, it's the o ne that went a little moldy).

Got 4 3/4" oz of sensi (minus the seeds buds) from a 27" plant. My journal on this states: "Short internodes, dark leaves, bushy, 11 leaves per leafset, hybrid, heavy profuse flowering."

Now....this is what's just plain fascinating....this lady leaves a distinct taste and feel on the palate that is like a very subtle menthol taste, somewhat piney and having a fresh earthy taste. It leaves an interesting aftertaste like a fine wine wo uld - very pleasant. Anyone else have this type of palate experience - Uncle Ben

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